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As a part of its huge effort to promote access to outstanding online educational opportunities around the world, Stanford contributes to the official launch of the OpenEdX open-source platform and starts providing summer coursework on it.

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So this summer, you can get to stanford coursework via the brand new platform. The university has confirmed it today.

The newly released platform OpenEdX already offers exciting summer reading software programs. Once you register, you can access a wide range of subjects, including health topics and electrical engineering.

In April, Stanford and a nonprofit online learning enterprise edX funded by MIT and Harvard officially announced they were going to team up to develop the edX online platform. Then, edX released the platform and made it open-source for all developers. Stanford is planning to utilize the OpenEdX platform as one of its educational tools. The platform will provide online classes for the public and online course content for Stanford students. The new platform OpenEdX will replace the previously used software program Class2Go.

More than one hundred people affiliated with the university’s online educational activities have recently gathered just to mark Stanford’s advances for the last year. The vice provost and professor of computer science, John Mitchell highly praised the advent of the new platform. He said it was a powerful leap in the educational landscape.

In addition to developing stanford coursework online and researching the opportunities and results of online education, the university is also creating open-source software platforms to simplify online learning and make it more accessible.

Stanford developers made a great contribution to functionality, including bulk email, real-time chat, new scripts as well as operational tools.

The open-source release suggests that the platform will be available for other universities as well as educational providers. Universities can host courses internally or externally by means of a third-party hosting service provider. When employing an open-source platform, universities can control licenses for their content and release content in many configurations for different audiences and this can be carried out without a direct permission from the platform owner.

With this platform, any university can efficiently develop its own online coursework with just minimal barriers to entry. This undoubtedly gives revolutionary new educational opportunities for students, no matter where they live.

Stanford keeps on offering its faculty a wide range of software platforms to host online coursework. Among the most popular software tools we should mention NovoEd (previously dubbed Venture Lab) and Coursera. They’ve already teamed up with the newly introduced OpenEdX. The university will continue providing courses on all three software platforms and via the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Apart from that, one can access courses on iTunesU, YouTube and anywhere else on the web.

In the nearer future he university is going to host several courses as well as programs on the newly released OpenEdX platform. Let’s mention the most awaited ones.

That’s a summer reading program for incoming freshmen of the university. In this year freshmen can take advantage of a real-time text chat, brief video lectures not to mention a discussion forum hosted on the open-source software platform. The given platform will enable students to discuss texts as well as ideas before arriving on campus. That’s a sort of intellectual community.

Statistics in Medicine

It’s going to be launched this week. It’s a free online course and it will be open to the public. The given course offers a substantial grounding in statistics and probability. It provides vivid examples from medical sources and popular newspapers. A special «teaser» question will open every session of the course. For instance, this may be «Should folks worry about lead in their lipsticks?» The course will improve students’ reading skills. They’ll also learn to critically assess the statistics in medical studies.

«How to Learn Math»

That’s another free course for parents as well as K-12 teachers, who are eager to drastically improve students’ engagement with math. The course is going to be provided via the platform, approximately from July 15. The course deals with such themes as "Mistakes, Challenges and Persistence", "Knocking Down Myths About Math and "Appreciating Algebra." Besides this, the course will assist tutors in implementing the Common Core State Standards in K-12 education.

Electrical Engineering

It’s starting this autumn. Like the previously mentioned courses, this one will also make use of the open-source platform to deliver its online course materials. It will provide the so-called "flipped classroom" courses for on-campus students of Stanford and for MOOCs also available to the public.

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