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A research proposal is a paper giving information on academic or scientific research. In this document you are to substantiate your research and prove its significance. In other words, this is a description of the planned research, which gives you a chance to show clearly how your study can contribute to the particular field of science and how can people benefit from it.

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If you are going to continue studying in your dream university, you have to think thoroughly about this issue. Proposal for research paper will determine whether you as a candidate are able to undertake the study. It’s not always required, but even if it's not, possessing of such a document can give you a valuable advantage.

Now more precisely. This document allows the competition commission or potential supervisor to define the following:

  • you have studied in depth the literature and previous studies on the particular issue.
  • the scientific problem is in the area of interests of the potential supervisor. Remember that this paper needs to be written with the guidance of your supervisor.
  • you have the capacity to plan the research.

It is important that the research proposal could convince those who read it that:

  • you have identified the scientific problem.
  • you have a theoretical basis and an idea of methodological approaches to the solution to the problem within a reasonable time and reasonable means.
  • it brings something new to the chosen field of exploration.

The best thing you can use while writing this paper is certainly a research proposal template. It will assist you in preparing the text, setting out the proposal according to the common requirements. In addition, you'll find the necessary headings, subheadings and sections in it. All the information in the template is given in obedience to the needed formatting style, so you only have to type your own text into the file.

In the research proposal template you can find the following sections:

It is a brief overview of the proposed research. Write it on a separate page and focus on the topic of the research, its actual dimensions. The presentation should be as understandably as possible. The boundaries of the study must be defined clearly.

The commission wants to be sure that your research will be effective, so you need to state the goal and show what you are going to achieve. This is the very section where the significance of your research has to be identified appropriately. It should indicate academic or even possibly social, political, economic and other goals that you expect to achieve. The reader should understand why your study is considerable and worthy of efforts and money. So it is necessary to substantiate the theoretical and practical significance of your research.

Research proposal template shows you a section where justification should be placed. It can have an empirical character, if you're going to add something new or expand the existing body of knowledge, or theoretical, if you want to enlighten the controversial aspects of a certain area of expertise and to provide a new perspective on the issue.

It concisely describes the achievements in the area of proposed research that is directly relevant to your research. It has to follow such guidelines:

  • designate scientific problem you are going to explore and what you can add to already existing discoveries.
  • show that you are aware of current scientific problems in your area of research and methodological approaches to their solution.
  • determine the theoretical framework in which the research will be carried out.
  • refer to the most significant scientific works of other researchers in this field.

Here, you can tell about your own achievements regarding the scientific problem, if you have some. For example, you can attach copies of your publications on the topic of the research.

This is the main part of the research plan. Here, you should write the following:

  • description of the stages of the study period.
  • where you plan to gather the necessary data for studying and how you will analyze it; what amount of time you need.
  • what kinds of statistical methods and data collection methods you will use, how you will check the data validity and analyze the documents or literature, etc.

Remember, there also has to be a thesis conclusion in this section, where you summarize all the information provided before.

Build a schedule, preferably in the table form, specify the sequence of the research process steps and the time needed to implement each of the steps. This is a preliminary plan, but it has to show that you have a realistic idea of how long the project realization may take.

This section includes the list of literature, which has been already mentioned in the project description, as well as the other important works for your research.

Here, you may attach appropriate documents, such as your CV, recommendations or publications of your own. You can see how it has to be done in the research proposal template

This is definitely a hard piece of work to do, so be sure that you have enough of time to complete it. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from other people who are aware of this kind of document. It is also very important that you truly believe in your project because your belief will give you confidence and will make your paper convincing.

In any case, there are always us who are ready to help you with all this stuff. We can provide you with writing paper service, phd coursework help, writing college admission essays and grant proposal guide. If you have any difficulties with paper writing, please use this assistance.

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