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A research proposal is required when a student wants to get an educational grant, it can be also a part of dissertation or a separate work. In any case, this document provides information on what your research will be about, underlines the main points of your research and shows whether you are able to undertake and complete the task. The purpose of your research proposal is to convince everybody who reads it that you have a significant scientific potential and investing in you is really a great deal worthy all kinds of resources.

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To begin with, if you have to make a research proposal, the first and definitely most necessary thing to do is to find a good idea for it. The point is that your idea has to be interesting for you first of all, so think thoroughly of this issue. If writing a paper makes you boring then you are not going to succeed in it. Your idea has to inspire you, make sense to you and only if it does you will write a good paper.

Research proposal ideas don’t actually appear from nowhere. They have to grow in your mind as a result of hard work, experience and observation. In some cases, students get ideas from attending scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, reading appropriate literature, including scientific journals and blogs, watching movies and TV shows which are somehow related to their area of interest.

Also, you can look for research proposal ideas while communicating on scientific forums, where you may get acquainted with interesting people, like professors or other students working on different kinds of research like you. Anyway, communicating will open your mind and fill it with new fresh thoughts.

Remember, it is important for you to think widely and not to get stuck on preconceptions. If you want to make a real contribution to the world of science, be confident and believe in what you want to prove in your research paper. All famous scientists, who made great discoveries, not always had enough support, but they were doing their work insistently anyway.

At the same time, be realistic when it comes to research proposal. Although you are welcome to create your own breakthrough, it has nothing to do with science fiction or your fantasies. Remember, your goal is to demonstrate your bright intelligence, not to provoke laughter.

Another important moment in finding research proposal ideas is that you have to look for a new angle. There is plenty of research papers and they do not always differ significantly from each other. The main thing is to find a fresh approach to exploration. To deal with this task you have to read already existing literature and scientific papers relating to your problem and pay attention to their methodology. Think of what has already been achieved and what may be achieved with your help in the future. This is your opportunity to enlighten new aspects of an old topic.

Sometimes students can hardly focus on a specific problem and cover a huge piece of scientific issue in their paper. It may be a long historical period or a large area, depending on what they study. Basically, you don’t have to do a very broad research. It is difficult and needs a lot of time, even years, and many resources which you might not possess. For this reason, try to decide what is the most reasonable aspect and focus on it. If you do this, you will have a possibility to study your subject deeply and thoroughly.

In other words, your idea has to be narrow enough so you could cover it within limited time and resources and broad enough so you could summarize your results in the end.

Once you can imagine what your paper could be about and brilliant ideas are chasing each other in your brain, it's time to concentrate and choose one. Look at these steps and try to follow them:

  • first of all, write down a few words about what you are interested in: key words and the most important moments. Later, some of these will compose your single idea;
  • second of all, focus on your goals. They divide into short term and long term. Think precisely about what you actually have to do next, this will be your short term goal. Then, make up a clear picture of what you want to show in your research proposal and why it is so important. Write it down, too;
  • the next step is to find an advisor. If you have already one, then discuss your research proposal together and make sure your potential paper topic lies in the area of his interests;
  • finally, outline the specific idea and think of further planning.

These guidelines will make it easier for you to choose an idea for your research paper, but if there are some other difficulties with your study process, we can offer you something more helpful. Our advanced writers are ready to assist you and provide the following:

  • term paper writer service. This service includes writing a complete paper in accordance with your requirements;
  • explanation of how to create a business plan. If you want to start your business, we'd be pleased to provide you with some useful tips and templates so you could create it by yourself;
  • if you are writing your research paper and don't know how a thesis introduction looks like, don’t worry. We will show you how to do it by giving you a thesis introduction example;
  • no matter whether English is you first or second language, we will help you with EFL/ESL homework help;
  • choosing a topic for any paper is not easy, especially if this needs to be a dissertation. We know it well so we will give you a list of the best dissertation topics ever.

Certainly, now you have a "who will write my paper" question. Your paper is going to be written by professional writers, who care about your interests and want you to get the maximum mark.

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