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The vast majority of students as well as beginning researchers don’t properly understand the whole essence of a research proposal. They often underestimate this writing work, while without a perfectly written proposal any research is doomed to failure. An ill-conceived proposal will most likely ruin the entire project. On the contrary, if it’s made in compliance with a well-built research proposal format, the project will be most likely successful and the Thesis Committee will get a positive impression of you as a skilled researcher.

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The major purpose of a research proposal is to persuade others that you’re actually running a worthwhile research project, you’re competent enough for this endeavor and have a pretty good plan to make this come true.

A typical research proposal contains all the key elements already involved in the research process and provides sufficient information, so the audience could adequately assess the proposed study.

Regardless of your research area, research proposal format and the chosen methods, your research proposal needs to address the following points:

  • What are you going to accomplish?
  • Why do you want to do it?
  • How are you going to realize it?

Your writing work should provide relevant information to convince your readers that your research idea is worth their precious attention and time. It’s up to you to demonstrate how you’ve been successful in picking up literature and making a thorough analysis.

Keep in mind that your project’s fate fully depends on the quality of your writing and research proposal format. A poorly written proposal can hardly change your career for the better. Therefore, make sure that your work is clear, coherent and compelling.

A research proposal isn’t a fixed blueprint. No one can predict his findings in advance, as the research will inevitably change, so your initial expectations can hardly be met. There aren’t any fixed formulas for writing a research proposal.

Nevertheless, no matter whether you’re looking for support for your research grant or you are concerned with your environmental protection project, your proposal shouldn’t lack its primary components. We’re getting closer to research proposal format.

The recommendations illustrated here below don’t guarantee 100% success. However, they’re intended to assist you in conceptualizing and preparing your research proposal. At least, your writing work will acquire a must-have structure.

  • Your personal data (date of birth, position at the university, academic title, nationality, your information and institutional .
  • The title of the research project. Carefully choose words for this title. It should be descriptive enough and simultaneously brief. Of course, the subject of your investigation needs to be clearly indicated. Ideally, ten words for a title will be enough.

An abstract is a one page summary, which focuses on the major research topic. Here you should inform your readers why this particular topic is important.

The major purpose of this section is to situate your writing work in the context of what is already known about the topic.

  • Clearly show what others have achieved in this area and set the stage for your own project.
  • Provide your readers with enough ties to the literature you've found.
  • To develop your story, make use of historical progression.

Here you require summarizing the most crucial impact of your work on the subject. Provide copies of your publications related to your research project.

Provide a clear and brief outline of your academic and perhaps non-academic objectives you’re going to meet in your research project. Here you require justifying your search effort. Prove the whole importance of the intended research.

That’s the central part of your research proposal.

  • In this section, you should detail the entire research procedure within the given time.
  • List the timetable you will follow, sources you will consult and the analytical technique you will employ.
  • Adequate research strategies need to be defined to collect enough empirical data for a successful project.
  • Illustrate the intended methods of data gathering. Specify the controls introduced by you. Don’t forget about documentary analysis.
  • Once you’ve worked out a sound hypothesis, focus on pursuing the research project within the limits of the theme.

You should list academic works mentioned in the research outline. The same is true for other crucial works to which you are going to refer when running your research.

Here you require listing other documents attached to the research proposal. These may be CV, references and so on.

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