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Are you tired of writing about the same boring and dull topics, such as gun control, smoking in public places, and others? It’s good that you realize that because you professors must be tired of reading similar research essays again and again too. Do your best to impress them with writing skills and consider original and fresh research essay topics. It's hard to write something new in your apa essay if you are using the same old ideas, so look for something newer. If you are stumped with fresh thoughts, don’t worry because there are many excellent ideas you can get when ing reputable and professional academic writers, such as our team. They will provide you with a list of unique ideas, but you should make your choice based on your subject and discipline. Make sure you are using the best quality essay writing service before paying anything.

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For students, it may require a bit more effort to research this subject; but if you like to be challenged, these ideas are perfect for you. The best part is that researching and writing more about your community will keep you more involved and informed, and it’s a great way to practice interviewing skills.

  • Local political scandals. If any local politician was charged with corruption or involved in other scandals, use them to write a great analytical essay and get high grades.
  • University dramas. Find out if any local students are fighting for lower book costs or whether employees are trying to break or form local units, because these materials are also perfect for writing an original academic paper.
  • Small business winnings and losses. For example, local businesses can be a cornerstone of your community, so researching their impact on it is a brilliant idea for your next academic work.
  • Local government problems. If you think that your local government should help citizens more, reflect it in your 500 word essay. Should more funds be allocated to repair roads? Or does the city need to provide more adequate services, including clean water?
  • Public school battles. Have any teachers or students been involved in recent scandals? If the answer is positive, don’t hesitate to use it for your next academic essay, and you’ll never go wrong.

Try to research health and environmental issues that may range from regional to global. For example, researching the best examples of sustainable cities is a clever idea.

  • BPA and other contaminants. Do you think that canned foods are dangerous because of them? Why? Do you agree that stricter regulations much be set for labeling?
  • Hunting carnivores. Should people stop killing them to protect their farms? Do they have the right to protect their livestock this way?
  • Sustainable cities. Are they really possible? Do you know any examples? Can you research them in your academic papers in the right cv format?
  • Plastic bags. Should they be banned? Do grocery stores have to charge a fee for using them? What are their negative effects on the environment?
  • Mountaintop removal mining. It’s one of the most interesting research essay topics. Should this practice be allowed to continue? Is it really effective? And what are its impacts?

It’s true that social issues impact all people, and this means that you’re going to write about how your chosen topic affects a certain group of people when researching them. You can focus both on smaller and bigger groups, and if you feel that you may have some problems, feel free to our professional essay writers. What is a cover letter? Where to get started? They will answer these and many other questions you have in your mind.

  • High school dropouts. Find out more about the political, social, and other reasons that lead to them. Offer your own effective solutions to reduce dropout rates, and you’ll discover amazing research essay topics.
  • Kids and poverty. Research how they are affected by poverty and what people can do to eliminate or at least reduce it.
  • Medical rights of youths. Do you think that they have their right to refuse from undergoing medical treatments? Can they really determine if they need help or not?
  • Overmedication of kids. Figure out if they are overly medicated nowadays and support your statement.
  • Free college education. This area also offers a number of interesting research essay topics. Do you agree that education should be free for all citizens?

Researching them may seem a bit overwhelming because of their complexity, but they are worth giving a try if you want to win some points. Make sure you review the necessary resources to understand and support your chosen topic better.

  • Modern technologies and the justice system. State your supported opinion if the surveillance techniques should be admissible in the court.
  • Police officers. Do they need to wear body cameras? Try to research whether their use can help decrease police violence or create a safer working environment for them, and you can be sure that these research essay topics won’t be repeated by other students.
  • Juvenile crimes and penalties. Should juveniles be exempt from a life sentence and why? Is it fair to punish them just ad adults for certain crimes?
  • Incarceration rates. Other great research essay topics and ideas include the factors that lead to increasing these rates and how they affect people both socially and financially.
  • License plate readers. Do they invade your privacy? Are they really necessary for law enforcement efficiency? You can get other original ideas for your next academic paper after researching this area with ease.

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