What is special about a personal statement format?

Once the student finishes college or university, his next step is to start a career. Jobs search, admission to the internship and participation in professional programs require a personal statement. In this paper, author needs to describe his strength honestly and concisely. This is a kind of challenge not only for your writing skills, but also for your honesty and the ability to adequately assess yourself.

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Each position has special requirements. However, this type of writing should describe your purpose, qualification and experience. In such a way you also demonstrate your writing skills, which are very important for each well-educated person. Keep in mind that the personal statement is a document, which introduces you to your potential leader, who wants to see only the best co-workers in his team. So it is very important that you give enough attention to bring this work in perfect shape.

Before you start writing the personal statement, prepare your materials. This will help you to get inspired and to avoid failure during writing. For example, you may need the application form, your resumes, etc. Also you can make a list of all important personal information: titles of your former companies, names of your former executives, dates of work experiences, duties that you had to perform, etc.

The second advice - is to write a draft. Do not try to make a perfect personal statement at once. Keep in mind the following principles, which you should adhere to.

  • Be sure that you answer all the questions. Read the application carefully and try to understand completely what the employer wants to see in a perfect candidate. Do not concentrate on your qualifications only. Maintain a balance between your candidacy and the needs of the company or program. Keep these questions near at hand. You may even devote each paragraph to one specific question from this list.
  • Using the first person singular is acceptable. You are writing a personal statement, so it is natural to use «I» in sentences. You might be used to avoid using «I» in your papers. This type of writing differs from others. It is about you, so write about your person. However, you should avoid starting each sentence with «I».
  • The paper must be readable and it must not irritate the reader with constant repetitions. Do not duplicate information, which is already mentioned in other parts of your personal statement or in your other application documents.
  • Be original. Your personal statement should stand out from the others. Make it unique by including detailed examples about what affected your decision, what helped you to make your profession choice. In this way you will make your statement interesting and catchy.

Though each personal statement differs from another, general structure remains the same. Your personal statement should contain special information and should contain the following parts: introduction, supporting paragraphs and conclusion. As you can see, the structure is similar to essay. Also you should keep in mind that this paper must be no longer than 500 words (the average length is about 4000 characters).

The introduction must be catchy, easily attracting reader’s attention. Think about what connects your experience with the vacancy you are applying for; give an example of such a connection. Be sure to mention the name of this company, program or organization you are going to work in.

In supporting paragraphs, you should answer specific questions related to the application. For example, you may write about your own qualifications, which correspond to special requirements of the position or the program. Also you may write about your short-term and long-term goals. Devote each paragraph to one question and write a topic sentence, which will inform the reader of the paragraphs content. Use only your relevant personal information, which supports your qualification.

In the conclusion paragraph, summarize briefly all issues that were mentioned in your supporting paragraphs and repeat your interest in this position or program. Mention how the experience or degree that you hope to get will help you in achieving your long-term goal.

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