What is MLA style paper?

When the professor asks you to write a paper using MLA style, this means you must present the paper in a certain way. MLA is one of the citation styles. MLA is the abbreviature of Modern Language Association. Authors in certain disciplines need to format their works according to specific requirements. MLA format is used for formatting papers within the humanities. MLA style defines how to format short and long quotations, endnotes and footnotes, how to cite books and periodicals, electronic sources and other common sources. MLA guidelines will help you to format tables, figures and presentations.

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MLA style determines specific requirements for papers and language in writing. It also gives a special system of citation in text and on Works Cited page. MLA helps writers to demonstrate their works' credibility by properly citing sources. The system of citation helps authors to protect themselves from unjust accusation of plagiarism, which may occur by accident.

The reason why formatting style exist is simple - they help to standardize all papers of specific field or discipline. Such papers correspond to certain criteria and can be easily evaluated. For example, each reader can find any book listed at the end of paper. MLA style makes text more convenient for navigation and comprehension. It gives familiar marks and hints for identification of borrowed ideas. With a help of MLA format readers can more effectively search for information and focus on particular ideas. Standardized text does not distract the reader's attention to unfamiliar format. Also compliance with the format of the work helps to show attention to the reader.

Before you start writing a paper, find the MLA Handbook (7th edition). It is available in most libraries; you can find it in the network or buy in a bookstore. Also you may use electronic means available through the Internet to create your Works Cited page.

Using MLA style you should be familiar with its general formatting requirements. You should know every detail from common paper layout (general format) to abbreviations. General format includes general requirements to the paper (format of paper, font, margins, format of the first page, etc).The paper should be typed and printed on standard white paper (8.5x11 inch).

Text must be double-spaced. Choose readable font, such as Times New Roman. Its size should be 12 pt. All margins should be 1 inch. The first line of each paragraph should be 1/2 inch from the left margin. Page numbers should be placed in the right upper corner, where you should also create a header. Place it before the page number. This header includes author's last name.

MLA does not require making a title page (unless your instructor specifically asks you). All information about the author, course, date and professor should be place in the left upper corner of the first page. The title of your paper should be placed in the center after this information. For the title use the same simple font with standard capitalization, without quotation marks, not underlined or italicized.

Your paper might have many pages, so you will probably need to divide it into sections and create subheadings. MLA recommends authors to give their essay sections arabic numbers. The main principle is to make headings that grammatically resemble each other. For example, if most of your headings are full short sentences, you should make all other headings the same way.

If you want to cite any works in your text, you should follow the citation rules of MLA style. It uses parenthetical citation. According to this method, you must place information about a source in parentheses after a quote. The information in parentheses depends on kind of source and its entry on Works Cited page. All sources you refer in text must be mentioned on the Works Cited page and the signal word in parentheses must be the first in entry on this page.

MLA involves the use of endnotes in those cases when it is necessary. Notes have to be numbered by Arabic numbers. And they must be listed on separate page entitled Notes (or Note, if there is only one Note).

For in-text quotation MLA uses author-page style. According to this style format of references depends on several circumstances: whether the source has one or several authors or corporate author, whether the source has one or several editions. This style also includes particular requirements for the sources with unknown author, different sources with the same author or authors with the same last names, various non-print sources or internet sources.

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