What you should know about literature review thesis

Writing an interesting literature review is a serious issue, indeed. In order to do it well, you should read and comprehend certain piece of literature and form your own opinion about it. But first of all, you need to realize completely what a literature review actually is.

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The pursuit of a literature review is to demonstrate the reader, whether it is your professor or a large audience that you have read thoroughly and can be a good judge of a published work that has to do with the area of your interests. This kind of paper doesn't have a defined format and is allowed to include online sources of information. It can be a separate research paper, devoted specifically to the review, but also it can be a part of other research paper, like a report or a dissertation.

Let us make it clear from the beginning that a review is not a description of a publication written by someone else and it's not a summary. Clearly, it is a critical discussion, which provides reader with valid arguments concerning a proper publication, as well as demonstrates that you have a deep understanding of various theories and approaches.

Here, the area of your academic interests and issues that you research plays a significant role. The thing is, you have to read really a huge amount of proper literature in order to make a comparison as for the different viewpoints. Please note, you don't have to make a re-write of what someone has already written. Having said that, we suggest you structuring your review in accordance with separate topics and problems you want to include in your discussion. In other words, make sections, where each section will include different controversial questions.

This kind of paper has a number of purposes, some of which are already mentioned above. However, we would like to identify them more precisely.

  • A review has to show disadvantages or errors (if such exist) in a certain publication.
  • It has to substantiate your own research.
  • You will show your intelligence regarding your research area.
  • You will discover new issues within review writing and build new hypothesis.
  • When you find something new, you will include it into your research and develop additional statement.
  • A review gives you a possibility to summarize and state the value of all previous publications and research papers.
  • It will point at controversies in previous publications and give them an overview.

As a matter of fact, writing a literature review is meant to identify, analyze and interpret main points in research made in the past and connect them with your present research. If you want to substantiate your own research, it is essential to find something that could provoke the past contributions of your colleagues. Most likely it will be a gap in their research.

Don't hurry up to proceed directly to writing. At first, you need to have a clear imagination of what you will read. Maybe you will have a list of required literature to read or maybe you'll be even given a concrete piece of publication. In case your review is going to be a part of your dissertation, it is up to you what to read. But if it is a separate work, then there have to be special requirements. Anyway, once you have decided what to read, here's another question coming up. What do you need to find out? What do you want to prove or refute? Be accurate when answering these questions, as long as the success of your review depends on the precise objective of your own. Of course, when you are ready to give clear answers, you'd better write them down. After that, we suggest you following the next guidelines.

  • Make a draft with an outline and a line of argument. Here, you may use all those notes and critical comments you made while reading. It will help you form your viewpoint and make it narrow.
  • Then read our thesis literature review examples.
  • Start writing with an introduction. Introduction provides the reader with a brief overview of your paper and gives the main point.
  • Make connections between your argumentation and opinion. There has to be an obvious evidence of your rightfulness.
  • Include opposite ideas. You should pay attention to ideas that do not agree with yours and therefore show the reader how you deal with them.
  • It is also important that you adhere to an academic style of writing.
  • The body of your review has to be chronologically structured according to the dates of publications.
  • Choose a methodology and follow it within your paper. There are many approaches in scientific methodology, but you'd better choose one in order not to get lost in your writing.
  • Be selective when using quotes. It is important because your review will never benefit from a host of unnecessary quotes. In addition, as we have already said, it has to be narrow.

Don't forget to use our literature review thesis example which will help you imagine what your review has to look like. And, prepare yourself for a hard work. You are going to read an amount of literature and sometimes it will be rather annoying. Anyway, patience is an essential part of academic work. Still, there is a solution if you are not that into review writing. We offer you our assistance, which is available for you everyday at any time.

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