How to start a book report?

A book report is a popular assignment, which sometimes is not that easy to write. We read books both for studying and pleasure. When you are reading the book, you just want to enjoy it, instead of thinking about a boring report. Actually, it is better to do just so. Read the book making notes if necessary, and then start writing a report.

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Book report is similar to a book review. But the report is more detailed and its aim is to describe the book, while the review should persuade a reader to read the book. These works both summarize and comment the book, but in different proportions.

Before you start writing, read the assignment carefully and ask any questions until you fully understand what you need to write about. Which number of words should your report have? Do you need to write it in a specific genre? Or maybe you need to study a particular subject? Also you should take into account the deadline and all listed requirements.

As you read, keep your pen and a notebook close by. Make notes while reading, underline significant parts and choose phrases to quote. Think about characters and put following questions: who are they and what happens to them, who is a positive character and who is negative? Make direct quotes of those parts of book that you like the best.

Make a brief plan of the future report and mark numbers of important pages. Insert your quotes into the plan and organize notes accordingly. Define the main ideas of the book and its sub-ideas while reading or just after it. Use the following key questions:

  • Who is the main character? What happens to him? What are the reasons of his deeds?
  • Do you like or dislike the main character? Why?
  • What is the turning point in the book?
  • How does the story end? Is a problem tackled?

Write your thoughts about these questions while reading in order to make a framework of your report.

The beginning of the report is of great importance. Your first sentence serves as a hook. It must catch reader's attention, create intrigue and provoke curiosity. You can use one of various methods when it comes to creating a capturing first sentence.

  • Start the report with a question, which will make author's experience personal for the reader.
  • Choose an interesting fact from the author's biography, for example.
  • Use the title of book and its setting to begin the report.
  • Start with an appropriate quote.
  • Start the report with information about the author.

"Polish" the first sentence, read it twice and ask somebody to evaluate how capturing it sounds. It will set the pace to all your report.

The book report must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introduction you should provide general information about your book and also mention the topic of your report. Include the title and the author, the year, the publisher and the number of pages, mention the genre and write about one or two sentences of a brief summary to start the report.

The next several paragraphs form the body of the report. Define what you are going to write in each paragraph using the professor's assignment. Express your opinion about this book: whether it is strong and capturing or boring, compare it with other works written by this author or with other books of this genre.

In the second paragraph, go to the heart of the book. Write about the major ideas, themes and motives of this book. Evaluate them: how they influence the reader and do they find emotional response? Decide if this book is worthy of reading.

You do not need to write a summary of each chapter. You need to choose the most significant. Make a general review of author's main points, arguments and try to define the thesis. What conclusions does the author make? Can you agree with his opinion?

The last part of the report is the conclusion. Here you should summarize the report: restate the main idea of your work, express your own opinion about the book. Try to convey your impression about the book to persuade your reader to read the book if you like it.

Before you submit the final copy of the report, read it again and reorganize if something is wrong. Check the format, clarity, logic and grammar. Each paragraph should be connected with the previous one; each sentence should flow into the next one. Look through your assignment and if the report meets each requirement, you can submit it.

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