You can’t do without a grant proposal sample

No one denies that grant proposals are an essential part of any fundraiser’s portfolio. In order to achieve maximum success your grant proposal sample needs to be a part of your fundraising plan.

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Fundraisers normally obtain their grants from a variety of sources, including government entities and foundations and all of them require the same information. Here below you can see the most common sections of a grant proposal sample and the information you should provide.

Your grant proposal sample should start with a cover letter. In spite of the fact, a cover letter usually isn’t the first in a queue to be written, but nevertheless, you ought to pay enough attention to this section, because it’s the front porch of your grant proposal sample and exactly this section will determine how the rest of your paper is received. Needless to say, a negative impression of this part will make it difficult for readers to resume their acquaintance with your grant proposal sample. To address your cover letter to a specific person, you require briefly stating what your grant proposal actually asks for. Here you should summarize the whole essence of your program.

The second stage is an executive summary. The given section will help your grantor to properly understand at a glance what you’re actually looking for. Your executive summary shouldn’t be longer than one page. if you prefer expressing your thoughts in a concise manner, you are even welcome to reduce your summary to a couple of sentences. Here you should touch the major points of your grant proposal sample but be brief with it. The summary forms a unique taste of your proposal. If you’re lucky with this section, you’ll entice your readers to keep going.

The meat of your grant proposal is a need statement. Here you should convince your funders that you’re really offering a promising project and no one except your organization can cope with this task. Assume your readers don’t know much about the subject. So, it’s up to you to explain why this particular issue deserves attention and what research you’ve conducted to find possible solutions.

Having written your need statement, move to goals and objectives. Here you should explain what your organization intends to do about the problem. You require clearly stating what you really hope to accomplish with the project and declare the outcomes expected by you.

The next section is «Strategies, methods or program design». Here you should guide your grantor through how you’re going to meet your objectives. Perhaps, it makes sense to provide a logic model here. Undoubtedly, the section needs to be logical and very detailed. Provide a timeline and clearly specify you who will take these particular actions and when.

Certainly, your grant proposal urgently requires its own evaluation section. Indeed, your grantor will probably want to know how you’re going to evaluate your project’s accomplishments. Every funder has the sacred right to know that his evergreen bucks will do some good for sure. Accordingly, you need to decide how you’re going to assess the overall impact of your project. You require including what records you’re going to keep and how you intend to use this data. If your data collection costs a certain sum, be sure to specify this expenditure in your budget. Get ready to let an onside evaluator carry out an objective assessment.

After this, you should mention other funding or sustainability. Have you tried to raise funds from other sources? The matter is that the vast majority of funders are reluctant to be the only source of financial support for a project. As follows from this, it’s highly advisable for you to mention what in-kind contributions you expect.

Now it’s time to provide some organizational information. So in several paragraphs you should clearly explain what your organization actually does and why you funder can fully trust it. The funder wants to know for sure whether you’re ready to take the requested funds responsibility or not. Briefly illustrate the history of your organization, specify its mission and give a detailed overview of its track record.

Now we’re getting closer to the sacred part of your grant proposal. Here you should tell how you evaluate the overall project cost. Provide the expected expenses and income. Your expenses portion needs to provide direct project expenses, personnel expenses, overhead or administrative expenses. Apart from that, your expected income needs to include earned income as well as contributed income.

Your additional materials should include the following things:

  • The financial statement of your last fiscal year.
  • The budget for your current fiscal year.
  • An IRS letter that proves that your organization is tax-exempt.
  • A list of board of directors as well as their affiliations.
  • The budget for the upcoming year.

Finally, you require putting all of this mentioned above together with your cover letter and cover sheet. You don’t require a fancy binder, just make sure your proposal is free of mistakes and neatly typed. Most probably you’ll be offered to submit an online grant application.

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