Essay Rubric: Top 4 Points

Essay is a short-length, prose work in a spare form, or the reasoning of free composition. Essays express personal experiences and attitudes on a determined issue and absolutely are not directed to be appointed or comprehensive treatment of the matter. Essays represent new and subjectively colorful opinion on anything.

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The essay must include an apparent statement of the entity of the matter and its self-conducted analysis with the appliance of concepts and available analytical tools that resume the author's position on the posed problem.

The structural arrangement of an essay is the answer to a question or the theme opening. It might be very helpful to form business plan before starting to write the essay. This might significantly facilitate the task.

  • Introduction is the nature and justification of the choice of subjects. It includes a row of components associated stylistically and logically. Here it is very significant to form a question to which the answer must be found in the study.
  • The main section represents the theoretical basements of preferred issues and the representation of the main matter. This section embodies the elaboration of analysis and reasoning, as well as their justification formed on available data and positions on this matter. This section represents the main difficulty.
  • Conclusion is the generalization and well-reasoned conclusions on the issue with the indication of the area it can be applied to.

While evaluating an essay every expert receives the essay rubric that allows evaluating correctly and accurately a project of a student.

Essay rubric represents certain criteria, by which students' tasks are evaluated. These rubrics are very helpful for teachers as they save their time because they conveniently contain all the criterions that are necessary for the checking students' generic college essay. Their effective use can improve student's writing abilities.

  • First, before giving the writing assignment to students, it is recommended to provide them with a rubric. Thus, a teacher together with students can review every criterion and supply them with an example for each of the criterions. This way they will know what exactly is expected from them.
  • Then a teacher can assign a task and remind students about the rubric and how important it is to apply it.
  • When they finish with their assignment, a teacher can ask them to check it with the help of the rubric, and then they can give it to their fellow students so to hear from them how well they handled the task.
  • Then a teacher can check essays himself according to the rubric.

When evaluating an essay it is necessary to distinguish the following elements: 1) submission of one's point of view (position, attitude) in studying the issue; 2) the disclosure of the problem on a theoretical or a household level with or without the appliance of social science concepts in the context of the answer; 3) the argumentation of one’s position based on the facts of social life or one's own experience.

  • The best personal statements are present while studying the problem.
  • The problem is disclosed at the theoretical level in connection with justification, with the correct use of social science terms and concepts in the context of the answer.
  • There is the argumentation that supports one’s opinion based on the facts of personal social experience or social life.
  • One's own point of view (position, attitude) is present in the disclosure of the issue.
  • The problem is disclosed with the correct use of social science terms and concepts in the context of the response (the theoretical study and justification are not present or not obvious).
  • The argumentation that supports one's opinion is based on the facts of personal social experience or social life.
  • The personal position or attitude is present in the disclosure of the issue.
  • The problem is disclosed in formal use of the of social science terms.
  • The argumentation of the personal position is given based on the facts of personal social experiences or social life without theoretical justification.
  • The personal point of view is apparent in the study of the problem.
  • The problem is disclosed at the household level.
  • Weak argumentation of opinion poorly connected with the disclosure of the problem.
  • An explicit understanding of the problem and the apparent attitude expressed towards it.
  • The terms, concepts and the theoretical generalizations concerning the disclosure of the issue should be logically connected into a single narrative.
  • A clear argumentation that proves the position of an examinee (it can be the use of historical facts, modern social processes, case studies of your life and your relatives, statistics and so on).

It is important to link the selected point of view with science, to which it is assigned. For example, the statements on the issue of the inequality of men from the section "Sociology" and "Economics" should be disclosed differently.

While making the 8th grade book report, it is important to formulate your opinion of the book by supporting it with good sentences. Also you should include the recommendation of the book to the audiences, specifying who would enjoy it and why they would enjoy it.

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