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Why do economists write economics papers? Because they want to let the rest of the world know how to solve global economic problems, adjust their findings and present their research in a convenient form, publish more works, hoping to capture readers' attention. Scientists as well as students try to write impressive and informative works. Let us imagine that you have difficulties with economics paper topics or have no idea how to stick to the rules of economics papers format. In this case you may find our tips about economics works useful.

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The first advice is to follow the main principles of good writing. Your work should be a single whole, so pay attention to logic and transitions. Each paragraph should be connected with the previous one. Each sentence should be simple and readable. Your thoughts should be clearly formulated. Also you should lay emphasis on your main ideas that carry the point of the paper.

In contrast to physics or mathematics research works that are often written by scientists for scientists, economic works usually have a wider circle of readers. For this reason, your language should be simple, and all specific terms should be clarified to the presumable auditory. Use present tense and active voice. Do not use double adjectives and the first person singular.

The length of your paper should be appropriate - no longer and no shorter than it is necessary. If you address a specific question, do not generalize. It is impossible to express all your ideas in one paper. Remember that all scientists devote their works to some specific fields and study them step by step. Demonstrate your originality, make mention of the importance of your findings and their novelty. Economic researches demand knowledge and doing some science!

A wide variety of topics allows authors choosing the most capturing and original. Like any other type of works, economics papers have traditional structure. The first page is a title page, the second is abstract, and then go all other parts - introduction, body, conclusion, bibliography and appendices. Each part must be written according to requirements contain specific information.

The title of the work should sound natural. It should not be too complex, too popular, too short or too long. Make it informative and capturing. Simply describe what your paper is about. Also you should pay attention to the abstract. Write briefly about your findings. Remember that abstract is the part of the paper, which will be read in any case. The number of economic publications is growing. That is why people prefer to read brief descriptions before they choose a paper.

Introduction and conclusion should be logically connected, because they frame the work. Introduction describes the structure of the paper, involves the reader into the paper, helps to see the issue in general context, show the importance of achievements. Conclusion serves to formulate your final statements and summarize the results.

Body of the paper usually has the following structure: data, model, estimation methods and findings. Think over the sources in advance; read several data sections in related economics papers topics. Data sections are usually short - about one page long. In data section you should define and describe your data source, strengths and weaknesses, note some features of your data that affect the results of research. Use tables and graphs for statistics.

Authors of economic works often design economic models - abstract conceptions of economy as a whole or its particular branches or functions. Such a model usually has a form of combination of words and calculations. Description of the model will take approximately four or five pages. In the model section you need to make the assumption, describe the conditions and develop a basic model of economic behavior. Also you need to describe the methods and techniques that were used for collecting data and analysis.

The findings section is often the longest one. If in the model section you describe and test the model, in the results section you should report about the outcome of testing. Do not expect that the tables will "speak for themselves". You need to give answers on the research questions, introduce the tables and explain their content. The last step is to make a bibliography and attach appendixes if necessary.

Finally, the first draft of the paper is ready. Now you should check the format and style and edit the paper. Leave your work for a couple of days, and then read it again and revise if necessary. Also you should ask a professional to read it and share his opinion.

Students studying Economics often have complex assignments. Sometimes it can be difficult to find and analyze necessary data. Such works sometimes demand more time than you can give. If you have any difficulties with writing, we can help you with any kind of paper -starting from English homework and cellular respiration lab report, and finishing with creative writing coursework. We write on various subjects: math and chemistry topics, compare and contrast essay topics, literature and history topics, botany papers topics, etc. You may buy personal essay or order any other work. We hope to be useful for you!

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