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For students, you are familiar with descriptive essays and know that they should provide readers with detailed info about the chosen idea or subject. They should be impressive, interesting and let other learn something significant and new. When working on academic essays, be sure to choose your topic carefully. Some students make a huge mistake because they think descriptive essays can be great regardless of their chosen topics, but they are wrong. That's why you should spend some time to come up with a good, original, and impressing one. Who can write my paper? If you’re asking this question, you have no ideas in your mind, but the good news is that you can always get our professional help and be sure in its highest quality and fast speed.

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  • Childhood memories. Everyone has them, and you are not an exception. It can be something humorous, so don’t hesitate to use your personal feelings and thoughts when writing a great descriptive essay.
  • When writing your mla format paper, you can focus on widespread fears, like snakes and height phobias, but they may not sound original enough for your picky professor. That’s why you should have a more unusual feat that can provide you with a better topic for your essay. You have many options to choose from, so start with working from your ideas and suggestions.
  • Scenic views. They provide students with a great flexibility to fully use their creativity. Make sure you choose the right words when describing favorite views to provide readers with a unique opportunity to imagine them too.
  • Embarrassing moments. When looking for unusual descriptive essay topics, use your humor to become a real writing genius, and the best part is that you are provided with plenty of room.
  • This topic idea is quite personal, and you are free to write about anything, such as influencing the life of other people, and so on.

If you still have no suitable topic in your mind, focus on this list of interesting and fresh ideas to get inspired by them. Choose the most interesting one that you can describe well because it’s hard to write a good academic essay if you don’t like its subject.

  • Your favorite character from book, movies, and cartoons.
  • A person you’d like to resemble.
  • The worst place in the world.
  • The best place for your next vacation.
  • A holiday celebration in any chosen country.
  • Your perfect house.
  • Your favorite season.
  • The best cuisine in your opinion.
  • Your perfect partner to write a sample case study.
  • Your first day at high school.
  • The worst and best moments in your life.
  • The most convenient place and way to do academic homework.
  • Your experiences in learning foreign languages.
  • Your favorite piece of art.

Choosing your topic is only the first step to write a good descriptive essay, so there are other stages involved, including prewriting or getting ready.

  • Create your thesis statement, which is the main idea of your future essay. Make sure it can tell readers more about the purpose of writing it and use the right thesis format. Pick the most important and interesting details to describe to support your thesis and include them into the main body.
  • Create an outline to list the ideas discussed in every paragraph of your academic essay. Don’t forget about the introductory one, at least a few main paragraphs, and your conclusion.
  • It should be structured in a way that really makes sense in terms of your chosen topic. For example, if you’re writing about a specific event, your paragraphs should be listed in a chronological order. If you are trying to describe a place, they should go from general to specific.
  • Write a clear and interesting introduction. It’s a bit different from other papers, such as a cv example, and it should establish the main purpose of your descriptive essay.
  • Write a concise and clear topic sentence at the beginning of every main body paragraph. This is what provides readers with a better idea of its basic purpose. Make sure each of them is related to a topic sentence.
  • Give more sensory details to support your thesis. You can use a wide range of literary tools, including metaphors, similes, and so on.
  • Write a great conclusion that summarizes everything stated in your descriptive essay. It should literally restate your main thesis because it’s the last thing others will read, so your conclusion will stay in their mind the longest.
  • Once your academic paper is finished, take a break and relax to refresh your mind. Take a look at it after a while to evaluate it as future readers.
  • Read your essay while keeping readers in mind and ask a few basic questions. Does it unfold in a certain way to help them understand your chosen topic? Are there any confusing paragraphs?
  • Reread it a few times, as it will help you achieve a few important goals, such as locating sections that may be confusing or awkward.
  • Ask your friends or other students to read your descriptive essay to ensure that it makes sense and has no mistakes to be fixed.
  • Proofread it once again for spelling, grammar, and other errors and clichés.

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