Why is reading creative writing examples so useful?

How people become writers? Does a person need to have something except a talent for being a writer? The first advice you will hear from each successful writer is to read as much as you can. Excellent writers grow from the most passionate readers. When you read other authors' novels and stories, you unconsciously adopt style and technique.

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If your assignment is to create a short story, read as many creative writing examples related to your topic as you can. Reading successful and classical works will help you to understand what can help you to achieve a wide readership and recognition.

Before you start, free yourself from all conventionalities and stop thinking about other people and their opinion. Creative writing is a form of mental freedom. So, you should not limit yourself thinking about your grammar, which might be not so perfect. After you proofread the work, all small defects will be eliminated.

If you have been sitting in front of your computer for an hour and still have no idea how to start your story, then stop, distract your attention and read something useful. Many famous authors have own blogs and books about writing. Read their recipes of success.

Do not try to write a saga at once. Start with a small story or a poem. Take it as a spade-work, perfect your writing skill. Do not worry about the quality at this stage. First, write your small work, put it away for a while, and then read it. You will be surprised how differently it will sound after a couple of days. You will see the defects that you have not noticed at once and will look at the work from another point of view.

Beginners should do some short writing exercises. Do it every day, because writing is like training muscles: the more you train, the stronger you become. Also you should keep your notebook close at hand, in case if a great idea suddenly comes to your head. Be an observer and make notes.

Do not forget that you write for own pleasure. If it is not about you, than probably the subject is totally not of your interest or you just need a break. Turn out such thoughts as "writing is not my vocation" or "a child could write better than me".

Put aside this story and start writing something new, just for fun. Complete a small work - something that you will totally approve. In such a way you will prepare yourself for writing a longer story.

Each plot has a basis, each story has its central idea and a key character. Think about your protagonist: who is he or she, what is his/her goal, how he or she achieves it and what gets at the end. The character must have something interesting to show the reader. His personal qualities must attract attention and make the reader think together with the character. In this connection you may think in advance who is your reader, what does he expect you to tell him?

When your story begins, the protagonist makes a choice and acts. Your task is to intrigue the reader by inventing interesting circumstances and unexpected consequences of his deed. Make the reader empathize with your character. Compassion, indignation, admiration – any of these feelings creates an emotional connection between the reader and the protagonist.

When the main events of your story have been thought over, you should pay attention to the details. Where does the story take place? Find some interesting facts about the place, people and culture that you can tell the reader. However, you should also be careful with this information – do not digress too much from your subject (you are not Leo Tolstoy writing War and Peace).

Cut off excessive information. This relates to descriptions of journeys, characters’ appearance and garments. Avoid duplication of information. For example, if something happened to your protagonist, do not describe this situation again in his dialogue with another character.

It is important to not only know what to write, but also how to do it. Many people really have something to say, but they do not know how to attract the reader's attention. Therefore, your first word, sentence and paragraph are of great importance.

Make a «hook» for your reader using something unusual and unexpected for the first sentence. If you argue about something, it must be either original or funny. If the action takes place, it must grab and amaze. If it is a conflict, it must develop with an allusion to the serious consequences that will affect your protagonist through your entire story.

Create a living personality. Your protagonist should become a real person on the pages of your story. Think about this person: his name, age, job, appearance, religion, hobbies, family, friends, his memories and secrets, etc.

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