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Cover letters give us a great opportunity to explain and demonstrate our skills and qualifications, in case if they cannot be described in the resume. As a matter of fact, this is your chance to tell your potential reader additional information about you as a candidate, as well as about you as a personality. Whether you are going to get the educational, research grant or a job, the ability to write a good cover letter will give you much more chances to get what you want. In this article, we provided you with a number of tips and useful guidelines that you need to follow if you are going to write a cover letter. At the same time, please consider using our good-written cover letter examples in order to know how to make this paper the best possible way. Also, please take into consideration that our team is always ready to help you accomplish your writing assignment.

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When you are writing your resume, or curriculum vitae, you present yourself as a candidate for a certain position, grant, etc. When doing this, you mostly describe your qualifications and don't give your target audience (whether it is a committee of a university or a college or whether it is an employer) to get to know you as a person. You only try to convince your reader that you are a good candidate with appropriate skills, abilities, knowledge and so on. The cover letter, on the other hand, is meant to show your human characteristics, tell about your objectives in life, your dreams and explain in what way your dreams and objectives are related to the position that you are applying for. In addition, this is your opportunity to convince your target audience to accept you as a candidate, even if you don't have certain skills or experience that are required. Therefore, if you need to write an effective and convincing cover letter, we recommend reading a few well-written cover letter examples in order to understand the format, structure, overall content, style and other general characteristics of this paper. Keep reading to learn the methods of creating a good and convincing cover letter.

Once you read cover letter examples, you need to analyze them and understand what exactly makes them so good. In order to do this, we suggest you the following guidelines and steps. If you undertake them, you will have a more clear picture of how to write your cover letter.

  • You need to provide your paper with a salutation at first. You can choose one of the salutations from the cover letter examples or make up your own salutation. Keep in mind that the greeting that you are going to use depends on the amount of information you know about a certain company, university and so on.
  • Deal with the opening paragraph of your cover letter. In this part, you need to tell about the position you are going to apply. Remember making this paragraph rather narrow and don't going into too many details. We suggest making it no more than three sentences long.
  • Proceed to writing the body paragraphs of your cover letter. Usually, cover letters have no more than two or three body paragraphs. The truth is, if you make your cover letter too long, nobody is going to read it to the end. For this reason, keep your letter narrow and coherent.
  • When writing your middle paragraph, it is important to create an outline of your qualifications. They have to match the requirements of the position you are applying for and demonstrate that you are a better candidate than all the others.
  • Cope with the last section of your cover letter. In this part, you need to discuss and explain the reasons, for which you would be a perfect candidate for a certain position, provide your further plans. Also, you need to give here your information and let the reader know that you attached also your resume or a list of references.
  • In the end of your cover letter, which is going to be the last paragraph, provide a positive statement that will serve as a motivation for your target audience and will make them you. This is sort of a hook, although it needs to be located not in the opening, but in the closing sentence of your paper.
  • Remember thanking your reader. Even if you don't know whom your cover letter is going to concern, you need to thank this person anyway. You need to tell your reader that you appreciate his time for reading your letter and for taking into consideration everything that you included into your paper.
  • Remember ending your cover letter with a good and pleasant closing statement. There are different classic options, such as «Sincerely», although you are welcome to come up with your own form of closing statement.
  • Remember adding a letterhead at the very top of the cover letter. This paper has to include your full name, provide the address where you live, the number of your telephone and your email address.
  • The information of the receiver of your letter has to be located below the letterhead. It has to be written in a very clear and professional manner in order to demonstrate your attitude to the position you are applying for.
  • Proofread your cover letter. It is important that you read it once more and make sure there are no mistakes in it. You may ask somebody else to take a fresh look on your letter.

All in all, writing a cover letter is not an easy deal, but it can play the leading role in getting the position that you want. Therefore, try to make it is good as possible. Also, keep in mind that we are the best college paper writing service and are always ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance.

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