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The Chicago Manual of Style is the methodology of writing in the areas of humanitarian sciences and arts. In most cases it is used in writing history research papers. This style guide is meant for American English and was first published in 1906 by University of Chicago Press. Since then, there have been published sixteen editions, which served for prescribing the style of writing and citation. Nowadays The Chicago Manual of Style is used far and wide across the world, but primarily, in the United States. The Chicago style has to do with the area of editorial practice and guides authors starting with American English grammar, the preparation of manuscript and finishing with the stylistic details and proofreading.

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CMS style paper can be written in several different formats, as long as the Chicago style allows mixing of formats for the purpose of the best result (which is coherent, clear and consistent paper). The Chicago Manual of Style provides two styles of documentation. Therefore, the way a CMS style paper looks in the long run significantly depends on what exactly style was used in writing it.

The Notes-Bibliography system in CMS style paper writing is quite popular in the sphere of humanitarian publications, literature and art. It provides regulations in regard to the notes system. It is characterized by the usage of endnotes and footnotes each time when the source is referenced, in case there is a direct quote, a paraphrased sentence or a conclusion. In this style, the citation has to be referenced within the text by means of superscript number referencing the complete data in the bibliographical section listed whether in the bottom of the page or at the end of the chapter.

Specifications about bibliography in CMS style paper are the following: it has to be allocated in the alphabetically ordered list of information sources in the end of the manuscript. From time to time it may include some other sources, which can be read later and were not mentioned in the paper. Depending on the primary format of the source in CMS style paper, which may be an article, book, internet page, the formatting of the source may vary significantly. In addition, NB style gives punctuation rules for writing the author's name, title of the work, publication title, and the date.

Most of all, this system is used in social science disciplines. The difference between these two styles is in two peculiar fields. The point is, the Author-Date system in CMS style paper uses text citations in brackets after the reference of the source, instead of using footnote and endnote citations defined by superscript numbers. In addition, there is another difference: the usage of references instead of bibliography. In fact, the objective is identical, it is to make the sources list comprehensive and clear, although the regulations of punctuation are different.

In any case, there are also common rules for these two systems, which you should adhere to when writing a CMS style paper. They include traditional issues about required design of the paper.

  • Title page is in the center of the first page, without underlinings or the usage of bold or creative font. Under the title there is the author's name, and two-thirds of the way down the page there is the name of the course (its number), professor's name and the date of the paper. All the above-mentioned data in CMS style paper has to be on separate lines with a double-space.
  • Numbers of the pages are allocated in the upper right corner of each page and may be preceded by your last name.
  • Set the margins no less than 1 and no more than 1.5 pt. Note that you don't have to align the right margin.
  • The whole text in your paper has to be double-spaced and without extra spaces. As for the single-spacing, it has to be only when you type notes and bibliography.
  • Footnotes have to be included when you write quotation and paraphrasing, and if your research paper instructions require using sources.
  • Bibliography is meant for listing works, which you quote and paraphrase, if appropriate.

This information reflects the most recent renovations in the sixteenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, as for the practices of documentation. Of course, this is only the extract of the most essential moments that you should know without fail, if you want to write a good CMS style paper by yourself. But if you are not really interested in spending plenty of time on academic writing, we would like to offer you a great solution. You can us via telephone or email and ask us to assist you in this uneasy deal. Our professional team is always ready to help you so you could receive the best result. Further still, we have a wide range of different services that will make your academic life much easier. For example:

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