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The Chicago Manual of Style is a style guideline, which is used mostly for writing papers in the area of soft sciences and humanities, as well as in writing articles for many historical journals. Today it is in its 16th edition, which is augmented and perfected. The Chicago Manual of Style is becoming more and more popular among different authors and editors all the time, so it's not a surprise that you are asked to write your paper in Chicago style. Before actually writing a paper, you should find out what specifications and characteristics has this kind of writing style and which requirements and regulations you have to adhere in order to make success of your paper. Look below at some general aspects concerning Chicago style.

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The first page is the title page. After that, the body of your paper comes. You must have written research papers already, so you know that the body contains the main piece of information in your document. You can also include appendix, if necessary. Then, it is the time for notes and, finally, the bibliography.

  • Set the margins at size between 1 and 1.5 on sides, bottom and top.
  • When typing, use something rather readable, like Times New Roman, Palatino, etc., and make the font size no less than 10 pt (12 is the most appropriate option).
  • All the text should be double-spaced in an equivalent manner throughout the paper. Although, there are some exceptions for block quotations, table titles and figure captions, which have to be single-spaced; bibliographies and notes should also be single-spaced. However, you need to provide extra line space between the notes and bibliographic entries.
  • The text of your paper has to be left-justified, but not fully justified, like in the newspaper style.
  • Insert the number of the pages in the top right corner of the paper. Start with the first page of your paper and finish with the bibliography page. When the text is ended, stop counting pages.
  • The title of your research paper has to be allocated in the middle, a third way down the page.
  • Type your name right under the title. The class information, such as the name of the teacher (professor, instructor, etc.), course title and block, has to be written under your name along with the date of the paper.
  • When typing the title page, use unformatted font Times New Roman 12 pt. Note that it is inappropriate to use bold or creative fonts, or to underline the title, as well as the rest of the text.
  • Also, you cannot insert the page number on the title page.

You need to write full names of people when you first mention them. In case you mention a company (or an agency, legislation), it is necessary to use acronym in parentheses after its full name is typed. Numbers lower than 100 have to be written out.

When the title, body and notes are written, it's time for bibliography. Allocate it in the center of a separate page starting with the word Bibliography. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. Again, avoid using large size of the letters and don't make them bold.

In case you want to include additional data to you paper, like tables or graphs, you should know that they have to be placed after the paragraph describing them. Remember citing the sources of the tables you provide.

All in all, these are the basic CMS paper format guidelines. Although they are not extremely difficult to follow, many students still make mistakes in their scientific writing. The most common reason for making mistakes is thoughtlessness and inadvertence. Some of the errors is, for example, forgetting that note format includes first name last name, while bibliography includes last name, first name. Also, students don't pay enough attention to the indents. The point is, there is a first line indent in notes and a hanging indent in bibliography. Sometimes students forget that bibliography has to go in alphabetical order by author or by title, if there is only title without author. Whatever the case, the most popular mistake among students is that they muddle up different formatting styles: sometimes they put Works Cited at the top of their bibliography, which is attributable to MLA style, but not to The Chicago Manual of Style.

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