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When you are given a topic to conduct a case study and write a report, you should know some basic facts. The number one basic fact is that the case study assesses many things to come out with the grade. You will be accessed according to the quality of the sampling or research and how possible it is to get reliable results from the research method used. Your case study will also be assessed based on how logical and eloquent you are able to present the results or the outcome of the research. However, the most important part of the assessment lies in the format and structure, and here, you are assessed on how perfectly you are able to follow the given case study template. There is a guide that you must follow in writing the case study report and we will offer you this guide for your Philosophy homework help. It is good for you to know that our type of homework help does not end in helping you answer questions or offering definite answers to your mathematical problems. We also offer the best professional resume writing services. Our academic help website is one that offers integral academic help to students who want to learn. So, we can present the best templates for the writing of your case study, depending on the structure you prefer or the one recommended by your lecturer or supervisor.

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The case study template is designed for the purpose of providing new students with a standard structure that will help them in writing the classroom experience work. When you want to download and use a template from us, you have to bear in mind that the instructions must be well understood. Whether the case study you seek to download is for an AP homework help or not, you must read the instructions given about the use of the template. Here, you will be advised and instructed on how to use the template perfectly.

There are several types of case study templates. But we have three standard templates you can download from our website, and they can help you to develop a great case study and come out with the best PowerPoint presentations. The templates are the research, reflective and descriptive templates. These are the three standard templates that are acceptable all over the globe and in all fields. However, the research template is the most used in academic works and that is the one you should use.

The research case study template will have a space in the first page meant for the title, after which you will insert your name and your email address. This will be followed by the outline below. Abstract; this should have a detailed summary of the work. It will include your question, how you went in search of the answer to the question and the answer that you found out. Contents; this should have the table of contents detailed in a way that it will be easy to find out the pages that contain each. Introduction; this should contain the aim of the study, the context of the study and other things that are relevant to the question being treated. This should also have a little reference of the works quoted in the text. Context; this is where you explain the whole context of the study. You paint a scenario that obtains about the question and the environment of the event or happening so as to position your readers to understand the context. Literature review; this is where you review and discuss existing literature on the topic which may have a serious impact on the outcome of your own study Methodology; here, you give details of how you sought the answers to the question and how you went about obtaining the answers and answering them. Findings; explains the results of the research or investigation and the answers drawn from them. You can use images, videos, interviews, questionnaire results or any tangible field works result to support your claims and observations. Conclusions; this is where you give the detailed presentation of the results of the case study and the answers you got. This is where you also connect the answers to the questions, explaining how the answer solves the questions being asked. You also have to say if the answer gives a fair solution to the problem or whether further investigations should be done Appendices and acknowledgements; this section will take care of your appendices and the acknowledgements of works cited and individuals that made the project a success. References; this takes care of the proper referencing of the sources you have previously cited in the article. According to the referencing style you are using, you have to give details of where and how the reader can find the information. For instance, our java programming homework help will detail the pages, publication years and authors of all the sources used.

Apart from the case study templates, we will also offer you other research papers when you want to buy research papers online no plagiarism. The other two templates are of less detail and easier to follow. The reflective template, for instance, will involve only

  • The abstract will come with the summary of the work stating the questions, the methodology and the answer.
  • The introduction will give the aim, context and other relevant things linked to the question and answer.
  • The methodology will detail how you sought for the answer to the question.
  • The findings page should give the found results and the details and evidences supporting the results.
  • The conclusions page gives the results and the answers and how these results answer the questions, how fair they are and whether there should be further investigation.
  • The references give details of the works or sources cited in the text and how to find them.

However, the descriptive case study template comes with a different outlook altogether. They include the introduction and question that will involve the aims, context and links, coupled with soft mention of the references used, the methodology that details the way the answers were sought, the results that details what was found from the investigation and the answers given through this with the relevant evidences to back the claim, while the conclusion mentions the answers and how the answers solves the given problems and whether this is fair enough or whether further investigations is needed. The references will detail the sources used and where and how to find them.

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