Getting started with your book report rubric

First of all, you should read the book very attentively. As you proceed with your reading, take notes of major information, including the names of key characters, setting, plot twists, crucial events as well as other essential details you might want to see in your book report.

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An introductory paragraph, stating the book’s title, author, to say nothing of the type of book, should start your book report. After this, you require writing four or five paragraphs clearly describing the author’s creation. Each of those paragraphs needs to illustrate one topic. End your book report with a closing paragraph, summarizing what you’ve already learnt from this particular book and whether you like it or not.

Having done this, you should cite your references.

Then, you should check your grammar, punctuation, spelling and so on. Employ complete sentences and make sure your writing work is absolutely neat. You require defining all the technical terms used by you. Proofreading your report for mistakes before handing it in will give you a decent chance for positive marks. Needless to say, a rough draft should never be handed in!

  • Setting

Here you should describe the setting of this book. Attentively note where the whole action takes place and certainly when. Answer whether you’ve ever been to such a place or not? Do you really like this book? Would you like to find yourself in a place described there?

  • Characters

We’re looking forward to learn what characters are to your liking in this book. Tell us about those you don’t like at all and why. Did the characters do things you never stand? What traits of character do you find positive in those personalities? List all the characters of the book and provide detailed characteristics for each of them.

  • From the very beginning
  • Why do you like or dislike this book?
  • Point out to the major idea of the book. As you know, some stories have a definite moral, while others give us a life lesson.
  • What did you personally learn from this book?
  • Clearly identify the key problem of the story. How was it resolved?
  • Of course, you also require paying attention to the end of the story as by this moment the major problem of the story should be resolved.
  • Then, inform your readers what happened in the middle of the book. From this moment all stories normally become more exciting.
  • Tell us what happened at the beginning of the story. Normally, that’s the exact place where all characters are introduced and the problem is initiated.
  • Cite your references

When writing your bibliography, you require listing all your references. Formats for references can be easily found on the web.

When citing a book, specify its author, location of publisher, edition, name of publisher and year of publication.

When citing a website, mention the author’s name (if it’s avaiable), URL of website, its title, date of publication.

Another format of citing Internet recourses suggest that you mention the author’s last name, first name, title of page, publisher’s name, date of creation, date of revision. By the way, your instructor may ask you to include the date of access – that’s the exact date you firstly visited this particular website.

  • Introduction

Needless to say, your introduction will be the first part of your book report the instructor will see. Respectively, it should be well-written, concise and appealing in this own way. Crucial details were added to stimulate sincere interest to the material.

  • Summary

It should be well-written. From the first words it should hold readers tight. Your summary needs to encompass all the aspect of the story and there should be enough details to let your readers understand what it was about. All of your paragraphs should be well intended and the right words were picked up.

  • Details

No one can underestimate the whole importance of details for any story. Exactly details convey the very essence of the book. If you provide a slew of catchy examples from the book, your readers will most likely decide to purchase this stuff and read. On the contrary, if using vivid examples you prove that the book isn't worth our precious attention, we'll probably believe you.

  • Presentation

How can one impress readers? Sure, this can be done with the help of a well-organized presentation. If you add marvelous illustrations to the text, you'll have a good chance to impress your teacher.

  • Grammar

Certainly, your advisor wants to see perfect spelling and grammar. There shouldn’t be any mistakes, to say nothing of any evidence of corrections in your book report.

  • Accuracy

The information should be conveyed in the very accurate manner.

  • Point of view

You should express your point of view in a clear and concise manner. Provide persuasive examples and intriguing details to support your point of view.

  • Mechanics

You'd better utilize the so-called MLA format. There shouldn't be any mechanical mistakes all the citations need to be accurate.

  • References

Provide plenty of references, listed in the appropriate format.

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