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Common characteristics of Wuthering Heights critical essays

As a rule, one of the most popular writing assignments students need to accomplish for their literature classes, is writing critical analyzing essays on certain pieces of classic literature, such as Wuthering Heights critical essays . If you like reading and analyzing novels, short stories and poems, these writing assignments will be really pleasurable for you. But in case if reading, analyzing and writing is not your strengths, then you will probably need some help with writing your paper. Luckily, our team of professional writers is your opportunity to get your paper perfectly written and save your time and efforts at the same time. In this article, you can get acquainted with tips and guidelines that will help you create a good and effective critical paper.

You are going to deal with an analyze of a fiction novel, which requires knowledge of basic matters in this regard. As a matter of fact, fiction can be characterized as a piece of narrative writing that provides an imaginary story, written by a certain author. Although there are usually common components of a fiction novel, short story, etc., they are all still different, with different structure and so on. Besides, all novels are always very subjective. For this reason, whatever critical essay you are going to write, it doesn't have to be the same as your classmates', other authors' or even your professor's. This is a kind of writing assignments, which foresees that you provide your own opinion, attitude and your personal reflection in regard to an assigned piece of classic literature. Therefore, as long as you provide your critical paper with strong argumentation, you can express your ideas, regardless of the fast, whether they are similar or opposite to all the other ideas already expressed. Keep reading to learn easy and essential steps for writing your critical paper.

Steps for writing a good Wuthering Heights critical essay

  • Accomplishing of all kinds of assignments has a certain procedure. In your case, you also have to undertake defined steps that will make you not get lost and create a well-written essay. Please pay attention to the following:
  • Once you decided to read the novel, which is the starting point of completing your assignment, make sure you have a pencil and a notepad near you for taking notes. This is an essential part of writing a good paper and you will see it later, when you proceed exactly to the writing.
  • As you read, pay attention to the main events of the plot of the story and jot them down. Think of the key series of the piece of writing and how they are connected to each other. This will help you remember the strings of the plot.
  • Define the setting of the novel you are assigned to read. Pay attention to the place (country and the city), where all the events are happening, as well as to the historical period of time.
  • Find some information about the place and the time period of the plot. Find out in what way these factors affect the main characters of the novel and what role they play in the novel and its plot as a whole.
  • Try to understand the viewpoint of the author of the assigned piece of writing. This is an essential step of your analyzing. You need to define, whether the author provides subjective or objective opinion. Also, find out in what way it can be seen.
  • Now it is time to think of the main characters of the plot of the novel. The best way is to create a list of the main characters and define them into categories in accordance with a certain principle. For example, what characters are positive and negative?
  • Define the main themes of the piece of writing. By this, we mean identifying the main idea of the novel. Well-written critical essays on Wuthering Heights foresee that a student has an exact understanding of the main theme of the novel, as long as it is what the whole story is going around.
  • Pay attention to the atmosphere of the novel. What feelings you have when reading it? Is it romantic, dramatic, funny, sad or other? Find out what provides the novel with this or that atmosphere. You may look at the words and define the imagery used by the author.
  • Any essay on Wuthering Heights needs to provide an analysis of the symbolism of the novel. Here, you need to find out certain symbols and their meaning. Write it down in your essay and provide this part with strong argumentation.
  • As you read, you need to write down significant citations, which you will use later. You may also write down citations that you personally find interesting or which made a great impression on you. Everything will be helpful in proving your point, especially when you use citations.
  • Check out the style in which the novel is written and its tone. You need to decide whether the tone of the story os formal or informal, whether it is happy or sad, etc. Find out what makes the novel sad or happy: the literary methods, special phrases, words and so on.

As soon as you have undertaken all the provided above steps, you need to read your notes, put them together and make an outline. Your outline will help you build the structure of your paper and define the main sections. You need to feel free in expressing your own opinion and not to repeat what already was told. The purpose of essays on Wuthering Heights is to provide an analysis and its proving that would be new and interesting for the audience.

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