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Procedure for writing a essay

Each college essay that comes as part of your coursework will focus on three main areas for grading. The first area should be on the points you are making as it concerns the subject or topic you are talking about. The next area being graded is the structure or format used in writing the work. this is because every academic paper should have a detailed structure that takes care of specific parts like introduction, thesis statement, dissertation conclusion and many other parts. In fact, this is one of the most difficult areas because it is a very systematic area. The main thing being looked at is whether you used the right methodology as instructed and how consistent you are with the dissertation methodology. The other area that is graded is your essay writing prowess as it concerns the grammar, syntax, punctuations, flow of the arguments and others. So, when you want to learn how to write a essay you have to focus on these trio.

Now, when writing a profile essay , the first step is for you to research on the topic you want to write on. Don’t make the mistake of starting the essay before you do the research, because you may be making a false start. Even if your essay is one of those simple narrative essays like a coursework definition , you still have to do enough research on the topic to be written. The internet is your number one source for these essays. You can also have a good look at any academic database, the libraries, newspapers, journals and other sources. When writing a essay you are not allowed to use every source available to you. There are some that are good while others are not. Because of this, you have to consult your teacher, so as to ascertain the sources that are acceptable to him or her. You have to know whether there are a certain number of primary sources and secondary sources that your teacher wants. Ask your teacher if you can use Wikipedia as a source in the essay. However, you should know that most of the teachers will not allow you to cite the Wikipedia as one of your sources. While you are doing this research, you have to take detailed notes of all the valuable points and facts you come across. Note the sources from where the points are coming and cite them properly. This is to avoid going back to look up these sources for further citation information when writing an argumentative essay.

Now, when you are picking facts, you should try and avoid the mistake of ignoring those views that are contrary to yours. The best thing is for you to pick them up, reveal them in your essay and counter them with superior arguments. Just show why they are not valid against yours. One more thing you should imbibe when writing a response essay is the idea of searching for well-written essays of the type you want to write. Check out the arguments about your topic and pick out the well-written ones. Have a thorough analysis of these, to ascertain what makes the essay sound so good. Look at the arguments made here and the analysis given. Discover the things that make the essay work well. Is it about the sources, the sequence, logic, structure or any other thing? Look at the evidence presented by the author and why the evidence sound so credible. You can also look at the way the author presents the facts and how the story was told. When you have information about all these, then it is time for you to write your own essay by brainstorming your own ideas. This is where you think about your topic, so as to map out the best way to present your own idea in a very unique manner. Though you may borrow arguments from others, your thesis statement here must be a unique one. We can help you out in this regard because we realize that many people with good ideas do not know how to present them with a unique and personal touch. Our thesis generator is one that you will benefit from. When you want to generate the statement, just write down the ideas you have brainstormed, choose the one that best supports your topic from them and come up with evidence in support of these ideas as revealed by your research. It is from the ideas that you will pick the strongest as your thesis statement.

Plan for writing a essay

When you have your statement, the next step in writing a memoir essay is to plan the essay. You have to outline all the thoughts you have brainstormed. When you do, write a topic sentence for each strong idea or thought. The topic sentences should be followed by bullet points outlined under them. These are the points you will be discussing in the essay. These ideas must be supported with at least three evidence. From here, you will move to the body of the essay. When you are writing, one thing you should try and forget is the volume. For your first draft, just free write in such a way that your ideas and thoughts will just reveal themselves and fit into the narrative. You should write like this in the first place, only to come back and make them concise when it is time to edit. When writing a essay you should avoid those generalizations that sweep everything under one. To make a statement like, “this is the most important thing in life,” may not be ideal for any type of essay. Again, you should avoid the use or too personal adjectives. Let not your essay be written with “I think,” “I know,” etc. Other places you should pay attention to are the title, introduction and the what is an annotated bibliography.

  • Your title and introduction and even the first paragraph must be compelling enough to attract and make the reader read the whole essay. If you are writing for your teacher, you have to make the beginning parts academically interesting for your teacher.
  • Those obvious and rampant expressions should be skipped and unique ones used in replacement.
  • Your conclusion should be a summary of your points in a larger sense and it may answer questions about the implications of the thesis statement above, revealing the next steps about the topic.


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