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It’s time to write a world war 1 essay

When getting down to a world war 1 essay , one shouldn’t overlook the causes of that bloody war. Sure, that would be a good world war 1 essay introduction .

The World War One killed up to 9906 000 soldiers. About 21219 000 warriors were wounded and 7750000 missing. That was a fierce conflict between the Central Powers (the Ottoman Empire, Germany and Austria-Hungary) and the Allied Powers (the United States, France, Italy, Russia and Great Britain). The major causes of that war were the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, economic imperialism and widespread militarism.

Gavrilo Princip, a Serb student shot the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914. The assassin was a member of the Black Hand. That terrorist organization fought for Serbia’s independence from Austria-Hungary. Officially, Austria-Hungary demanded to punish the murders. Serbia refused to comply. As a result, a war on Serbia was declared by Austria-Hungary. Serbia was an official ally of the Allied Powers, which immediately declared war on Serbia’s enemy – Austria-Hungary. That chain reaction led to a longstanding war between the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Germany and their rivals mentioned above. Tell about this in your essay about world war 1 .

We’ve already told above, that widespread militarism was another cause of that devastating war. Dictators, aristocrats as well as military elites had too much control over Germany, Russia and Austria. Respectively, that war was a consequence of their huge desire for unlimited military power. That’s what many world war 1 essays write about.

British Royal Navy was extremely strong in terms of ships, personnel as well as carrying capacity. In this regard, it left behind the navies of both Austria-Hungary and Germany. Of course, aristocrats of Austria-Hungary and Germany know for sure they had no chance in that arms race. So, they made up their mind to catch up to Royal Navy of Great Britain by declaring war.

Economic imperialism was the third cause of the World War One. France and Great Britain maintained their domestic economies by controlling and trading with their foreign colonies. Austria-Hungary and Germany had few colonies, as a result, their domestic resources were running out at the speed of light. To maintain their domestic economy, they had to seek new resources and the only way to find them was to expand their territories. The competition for expanding markets to sustain national economies provoked hostile relations between those powers.

The unnecessary war

The World War One is often described as absolutely unnecessary. The matter is that except Austria- Hungary other countries-participants didn’t have a direct interest in the murder of Archduke Ferdinand. Then Germany and Russian entered the ware not because of hostility towards each other. They simply intended to protect respectively Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

On the other hand, there were quite real tensions among many nations before the war. Accordingly, conflicting ambitions greatly contributed to that escalation. The naval arms race between Great Britain and Germany was drastically growing and Germany’s increased colonial ambitions definitely made things worse. Apart from that, the rapid spread of nationalism in southern Europe was weakening Austria-Hungary, thus making this country extremely vulnerable to ethnic minority uprisings.

Therefore, most strategists and observers agree that armed conflict between the European countries was absolutely inevitable.

The role of diplomacy in the World War One

Another popular question among world war 1 essay topics is the role of diplomacy. In spite of the fact, diplomacy is traditionally employed to prevent wars, in the case of that war diplomacy played rather an opposite role. Few of the combatant countries were really interested in the disputes between Austria-Hungary and Serbia and in most cases they found themselves involved in the war because according to some treaties they had to defend other countries. Though some of these treaties were officially announced, many of them remained secret, thus preventing enemies from figuring out the consequences of their actions.

Exactly the opaqueness of diplomacy appeared to be one of the crucial factors, which inspired Germany to make a series of aggressive moves in the beginning of the war. It’s because many German leaders were assured that Great Britain wouldn’t enter the war against their country. Italy was looking for benefits in that conflict. Russia had to enter pursuing several secret treaties as well as agreements. Unfortunately, all these secret treaties and awkward diplomatic maneuverings should be blamed for that catastrophic escalation.

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