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Your works cited essay : how you should do it

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional writer or a high school student, you may require citing your sources by means of a special formatting style. There’re lots of different styles used for this purpose, but in most cases writers make use of the three most common ones. These are the APA, MLA and Chicago style. The given styles suggest that writers avoid plagiarizing other authors’ works and provide their readers with a clear roadmap to find all the necessary information regarding the paper. Taking into account that citations are a crucial element of any research paper or works cited essay , you require following a number of directions listed here below.

Getting familiar with a mla works cited essay

In this work cited essay example , we’ll take a look at citing in MLA. To cut a long story short, MLA stands for «Modern Language Association». This formatting style is utilized in humanities, including comparative literature, foreign languages, cultural studies, English studies and so on. If you’re actually writing your work cited essay for publishing, check the publisher’s preferences for formatting style. In addition, pay attention to submission guidelines.

Being able to recognize the two basic components of a citation is an important skill for any writer. When dealing with an essay works cited , you require including information in two places: in the Works Cited and in the body of your writing work.

Provide the right data in the in-text citation. Don’t forget to mention a page number, informing readers where in your source they can find this particular information.

Every resource containing worthy information should be included in your cited in-text and Works Cited. The most obvious reason to employ an in-text citation is when you quote from a particular source directly or just refer to this by the author or title.

It’s up to you to utilize the most appropriate in-text citation method. In-text citations are usually parenthetical. However, if you include necessary information in the sentence itself, you don’t need including the parenthetical citation.

Provide the first initial if you’ve got writers with the same last name in your essay. For instance, you have to cite Susan Smith and James Smith at the same time. Not to confuse your readers you require including the first initial of the writer’s last name in the in-text citation.

Don’t forget about the necessity to format citations in your Works Cited. When readers see a particular quote, they usually look up the source by the author’s last name listed in the in-text citation. Regardless of the format employed, you require indenting all the lines coming after the first line of your Works Cited citation. This will let your readers know where a citation ends and the next one starts

In addition, to all mentioned above you should include electronic information for sources you’ve found in online databases. Students often access essays via a school’s online library databases. For instance, these may be JSTOR, EBSCOHost and Lexis-Nevis. All these databases offer electronic versions of any print journals in the PDF format. An article cited by you, may have firstly appeared in a print journal, but you’ve found it on the web. You should inform your readers that you’ve accessed it a corresponding database.

APA citing

Before getting down to citing in APA, make sure whether this particular formatting style fits your writing work or not. The matter is that APA (or the American Psychological Association) is mainly utilized by businesses, social sciences and nursing. So check assignment sheets as well as submission guidelines in order to make sure APA is really appropriate.

Learn what information should be included in-text. When dealing with MLA, students only require including the author’s last name as well as the page number in-text. You need a different approach in APA. Here you should add a third element. That’s the year, when this particular essay was published. Another formatting difference from MLA lies in in-text citation. As you know, in MLA it’s always placed at the end of the sentence, while in APA the in-text citation can interrupt your sentence.

You require distinguishing in-text between multiple sources by the same writer. Right in the Reference List, you should list multiple essays by the same writer alphabetically by the first main word of the title. Accordingly, the first essay should be considered «a», the second, respectively, «b» and so on.

Chicago style citing

While MLA and APA are employed by different disciplines, many writers stick to Chicago formatting.

When making use of the notes-bibliography system, you cite quotes, ideas and other content by means of a footnote. Place a number in superscript at the end of the sentence containing the borrowed material. Well, the first source cited will be «1», the next will be «2», respectively, etc.

Format notes in the proper way. Your notes are single-spaced, but you require skipping lines between your entries. Indent the first line of every source.

It makes sense to create a bibliography. However, in this formatting style it’s optional as all the necessary sources have been already cited in notes.

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