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What is the thesis of an essay

A thesis is actually the main argument of your essay. It can be a sentence or two in the beginning of your paper, usually at the end of introduction paragraph, which tells reader what your essay is going to be about. The best way to learn how to write a thesis is to take a look at good coursework examples, try to find thesis in others’ essay and see how they work in the paper. Though writing a thesis can really be a stumbling block of your essay, it is used not only in academic writing. If you want to apply for a good job, make sure you have strong thesis in your cover letter, which explains your interest for the job and previous experience but is also short and precise.

Writing of an essay can sometimes be a real challenge. It is not just a research that needs bare facts or calculations. Essay writing includes creativity and analytical thinking, good skill in making smooth transitions between your paragraphs and of course, a thoughtful conclusion. But this is not enough. When professor returns your paper saying, that your thesis is weak, or there is no thesis in your essay, you ask yourself what is the thesis of an essay ? This is a very important thing that makes essay writing difficult for many students - making strong thesis statement of your essay. Here is the main question, what is a thesis of an essay ?

Define the type of paper you are writing

To make a good thesis, first of all you need to clarify to yourself what kind of paper you are writing. Depending on the type of paper there may be different kinds of thesis statements and different approaches to writing them. A thesis does not depend on the paper format. Whether it is apa paper or mla format paper, the structure of your essay must include introduction with a thesis, body of the paper and conclusion.

A thesis should not repeat the topic of an essay; it gives the reader a point to think over. A thesis is also an argument for further discussion and it is a kind of framework of the whole essay, which you have to stick to in the body of your paper. The main question here to be asked is what is the purpose of an essay ? Sometimes it is possible to write a good essay without a thesis, it can be a narrative or descriptive essay for example. There can be an implied thesis statement. If you are writing a definition essay, your thesis statement will be a short basic definition of the term or phenomenon you are talking about. Writing a research paper can be sometimes confusing. What is the thesis of a research essay, if research is usually an informative work that provides the reader with certain data and facts? Nevertheless, you should provide at least one evidence, good proof and results of your research to support it, which actually will be your thesis


But most academic essays have to be argumentative or persuasive. What is the thesis of an essay which aims to persuade and cause a debate? Here you need not just to give facts or descriptions, you have to make an argument or a claim about given topic. That is the main purpose of a thesis – to create an argument and try to prove it in your paper. In the body of your essay you will support this thesis with different facts and good reasoning, and finally you sum it all up with the conclusion. The purpose of this type of essay is to persuade with the facts and evidence, to convince the reader in what you are telling. A thesis should be clear and simple but at the same time strong and assertive.


      Main points you should mind when writing a thesis What is the thesis of an essay? Here are some examples :


  • First of all it must be debatable. A thesis must contain information other people might want to dispute about. For example, if you are writing an essay about pollution, claim that Pollution is a very important problem is rather weak. It is just a fact that doesn’t make anyone argue about it or doubt it. Don’t be surprised when your professor will ask, what is the thesis of an essay here? But if you write, Our government should spend 30 percent of the budget to limit pollution, this thesis is better. It is debatable and can cause a dispute. Some people might agree and find your thought reasonable and some strongly disagree with this point.
  • Your thesis must not be generalized. Try to narrow it to one specific point, it will make your argument more effective. Any argument needs to be supported by the evidence. The broader your idea is the harder it is to support it with strong evidence. For example, if you state that All talented artists are madmen,this thesis might be disputed but you will need to mention all the existent artist and prove that they were really mad. It is impossible and surely will confuse your reader. A good statement would be Van Gogh was a genius and a madman at the same time. The point is more narrow and easy to prove with good reasoning and facts.
  • Thesis statement must be clear and precise. Avoid ambiguous general terms and abstractions. What is the thesis of an essay about slavery for literature class? If you write an essay and say that Slavery was a complex and important social problem discussed in a literature, this is not a good thesis. A better thesis is: Mark Twain showed the ills of slavery and revealed its subhuman nature in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”.
  • Thesis statement should not be a question. A question is not an argument, and without an argument there is no thesis.
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