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“What is history” essay prewriting details

Now, whenever you have an essay with the topic, what is history, you have to first of all realize that this is a good example of a definition essay. Yes, when we say a definition essay we mean an essay that seeks to give the meaning of history so that people can understand. Because of this, you have to start by looking at the question first. Look at the wordings of the question so as to understand it well. You have to pay attention to the way the question is worded. Look for things like evaluate, describe, compare and contrast or analyze. All these have different meanings. Just realize the keyword of the essay so as to know where to channel your research. This is because your essay should be like a research summary that details all you have researched about history. Before you write, you have to look at what you have gathered through your research and ask yourself these questions. Can you define the word properly? What are the types of evidence you should give for adequate and effective explanations? What are the important issues to be talked about and what questions can you ask to come out with a good essay about history? It is with these questions in mind that you should now start your research or reading. When you research, try and map out all the critical and important information from any source at all. You can ask the search engines, you can get to the library, things like Wikipedia and other sources can offer you the basis for the what is thesis.

Now, when you are through with the research, you have to make the first draft. While doing this, you should realize that essays that win awards are not rushed. They are done in drafts with enough time for rereading and revisions. You must have enough time to come up with the best rough draft, review and reread this several times over before you make a final paper. When establishing your thesis on what is history essay , consider whether it is too general or particular. Now, make sure all you write points to the explanation of the word history, and your work must be written with the proper thesis format. The essay in question is a definition essay and every definition essay of this type normally comes with five paragraphs. The introduction has one paragraph, the conclusion has one while the body of the essay has three. When writing what is history essay , you should understand that your arguments must be ordered and connected to the evidence used in supporting them in a seamless manner. Don’t give evidence that contradicts the thesis. While you make use of relevant quotes, you should avoid useless and long ones. Always ensure that each quote you use comes in the best context and that they make the points you have in mind. When you cite any document, make sure the citation is properly integrated into the text in a very logical manner. Now, no quote ever speaks for itself, they should speak about the history topic you are writing for. Another area you must be very careful about is your paragraph construction. Each paragraph should have a very strong topic sentence. The best argument is the one that showcases gradual development. The sequence should be in such a way that the first point leads to the other. You should not make the mistake of listing the arguments in any order or as they occur to you. The sequence in which you write the arguments and points in what is history essay is as important as the points made. Another very important aspect is how you do your transitions. Don’t make the mistake of not switching to a new point or argument properly. When it is time to conclude, you should also take your time to coin something that worthy a closure or summary for the whole essay. This part can influence the reader so much.

What is history essay drafting

When you are through with the first draft, you have to get back to the beginning and have a good version of all the paragraphs. Check on the thesis statement, arguments and evidences. Check on the examples and delete the irrelevant ones while adding more relevant ones. This may be the time when you bring in another person to read and comment on your work. It is at this juncture that you will check for grammar, sense, spelling, typographical and mechanical errors to eliminate all that are not well done. You must realize that essay proofreading is a very important part of the writing. This must be done meticulously. Make sure all common mistakes are taken care of to avoid them giving a bad taste to your essay.

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  • You must realize that relevance is very vital in any good essay and incorporate only the relevant in your history paper.
  • When you get your essay sheet back from your teacher, do not just look at the marks, have a thorough look at the comments made by the teacher.


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