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When you are told to come up with an essay on what is freedom as one of your best college essays , you should rush to us for some standard tips or possibly a written essay. Now, one cardinal point is that due to our cultural histories and milieus, many of us have varying understandings of the meaning or meanings of freedom. Many people will view freedom as hope, pride, and sense of commitment while others will choose sacrifice, honor, memory, liberty, the right to self-determination and many other things. Now, this abstract word has many angles and meaning to it. Have you not seen a man who is free in the legal aspect of it, but due to the workings of his marriage, he feels so trapped in an uncomfortable union. This situation takes away his freedom on that angle. Many people are not in jail, but they are complete slaves to their jobs, in such a way that they need freedom. These are some of the examples of different dimensions of the word in question. Now, freedom mean different things to different people, but you can start what is freedom essay by thinking about these different meanings and writing them down for brainstorming. Now, while you should mention other views about this word when writing, your core essay should concentrate on one which you are trying to validate or on one aspect that runs through the views which you see as the most important point. You may start working by going down memory lane and coming up with the meaning of freedom in your immediate environment. This is how you write perfect creative essays. You source information from sources around you and not bogus farfetched sources.

You have to start by asking yourself some important questions about freedom. What does freedom mean to you? Look at the things that you’ve been told about freedom by your parents that are different from what you were told by your teacher. You also have to look at the characteristics that define a free person, what freedom is all about and how people will feel when they lose their freedom. The most important aspect of the essay is for you to develop a thesis, just like in a writing a synthesis essay. With the thesis statement, you will come out with a well-organized what is freedom essay. When writing, make use of an outline that will structure your thoughts and ideas. Most of the essays are written with three main facts. And just as we have said before, you can talk about the origin of the word, people’s beliefs about the word and practical examples of the word in action. You can build the three body paragraphs around this. And before we move one, let’s also remind you that a standard essay of this nature should be about 5 paragraphs. While the introduction and conclusion take one paragraph each, the remaining 3 should be for the body of the paper.

What is freedom essay areas of concentration.

The body of your essay will make sense according to the things you incorporate in it and the types of areas you delve into. You can explain the meaning of freedom generally by looking at the issue of freedom of the press and its censorship. You have to remember that we have already said that whatever examples you need to cite to ensure that at the end of it all, the reader understands you as much as you understand yourself is completely acceptable. You can look at what it entails to criticize the government by the press and what outcomes it will give. For you to make them understand what you mean when you talk about freedom, you can even conduct a case study and use a case study analysis for the explanation. You can also look at the issue of choice in freedom. Many people talk about the choice between freedom and equality though they are not mutually exclusive. Exploring the relationship between them can make a good point for what is freedom essay. You have to look at the meaning of freedom in America and other parts of the world. This country has been touting itself as the center of freedom in the globe. You can explore these and see if the type of freedom being practiced here corresponds with what the founding father had in mind. Again, was what the founders proposed the ideal freedom for all? Freedom as a word has different definitions by people, and it means different things to them. In your essay, you have to make lots of definitions from different sources, while upholding your own basic definition which may be against theirs or in line with theirs. Your own point must be made while you acknowledge those of others and even some dissenting ones. You may also choose to look at freedom and peace. There are situations where force has to be used in maintaining peace in the society. This is while freedom is also upheld. You can look at how possible this may be. We also offer sample case study to students when they need it for their freedom essay.

Go ahead and look at the values which people sacrifice for the freedom to come or to uphold it. When you want to maintain the freedom, you may have to give up money, lives, health, emotions and other things. You may even take a look at freedom and love. The present day society has a lot of debates on the freedom to love whoever one wants and otherwise. This could help people understand freedom from you.

  • You should endeavor to make the freedom essay very controversial. When such words are defined, starting with a controversial clause or phrase makes more sense.
  • You should not run away from the quotes because these quotes work well when you explain such abstract concepts as freedom. You may want to use a very clear freedom quote to illustrate what you mean.
  • You should try and capture as many different views as possible about freedom. Remember, when you add some amounts of contradictory statements, the reader reads on with keen interest.


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