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What is an exploratory essay ?

Writing an exploratory essay is quite a usual assignment that students are asked to accomplish during their studies in high school, college or university. However, in contrast to many other kinds of essay, it requires a little deeper knowledge about certain issue and more serious and grounded approach. Earlier, you probably thought that argumentative essay was the most difficult writing assignment, but, unfortunately, you were wrong. The difference between what is an exploratory essay and argumentative essay is that you are not expected to convince anybody of your rightness and your arguments. But instead of it, you need to write about certain problem with the purpose of building conclusions that would help solve the problem that you need to write about. Below, you will learn more precisely about this type of essay and the effective ways of dealing with it.

The exploratory part of this kind of essay means that you need to explore the assigned topic, think of it thoroughly, read some information in its regard and gather enough of information, which you later organize appropriately and transform in a rational and logical conclusion, which demonstrates the possible solution of the arisen problem. It is an essay because you need to present your research in accordance with all essay requirements, including but not limited to its structure, essential components and format.

Generally speaking, an exploratory essay serves as a retrospective of the stages of your problem exploration, thinking of it and writing about it, as well as describes the whole process of your work on the issue. It provides information about the place, time and reason of choosing the types of exploration that you used within your work. This essay is all about the process of your work on the assigned issue. Therefore, it can be said, that in this kind of writing not the result plays the most significant role, but the process itself. Probably, it is the primer difference between the exploratory essay and all other kinds of writing.

The structure of the exploratory essay

Since we have enlightened the basic issues regarding the question of what is an exploratory essay , let us take a look at its important components.

  • The introduction. It comes first in the paper and provides the outline and brief discussion of the major issues your will discuss in the next components.
  • The body paragraphs of the essay. This is the main section of your paper, covering the discussion of the entire process of your research on the assigned topic.
  • The conclusion of the paper. This is going to be the last step of your writing process, where you need to provide a review, restate the major issues of your exploration and make a summary of your work.

Having said that, it would be better to discuss the structure of an exploratory essay more precisely and define what information has to be included in every component of the paper.

As for the introduction, this is the place where you enable your potential reader to learn the topic of your essay and to understand from the very beginning what you are going to write about. Make an outline of the assigned topic and define the major problem you are going to devote your paper to. Additionally, you need to give a narrow discussion of the following:

  • The reasons that caused that or another problem. Give your own opinion to this regard and don't try to repeat what has already been written. In any case, all kinds of essay foresee that you express you personal attitude and viewpoint concerning some phenomenon.
  • Give information about concrete institutions that have something to do with the given problem, as well as about people that are involved with it.
  • Suggest possible solutions of the given problem, which seem to be appropriate to you. These are actually those solutions, which you need to find out within the process of the research.
  • Provide information about the sources that you explored and their types. Remember not going into details, because the introduction part cannot be too broad.

As soon as you managed to write the first section of your paper, you can proceed to writing the most important part of your essay. The body paragraphs should give all the essential information about the entire process of your research and its major stages. Each paragraph should contain data regarding a concrete separate issue. You may have as many paragraphs as you want, although pay attention to the instructions to your paper, if such exist, and don't make your essay longer than it should be. Anyway, the body of your exploratory essay has to include the following components:

  • The source overview and introduction, which includes the author of the source, its title, the date of publication and so on.
  • The significant ideas that came to your mind when doing the research on the problem.
  • The reasons of the importance of your ideas.

The last part of your paper, which is the conclusion, needs to provide the review of everything you have written in previous parts. You may restate the given problem and write down the possible solutions that you have found on your own during the research. Remember not making the conclusion part bigger than the body of your essay.

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