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What is an exemplification essay in colleges?

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An exemplification essay is the type of essay that tries to prove arguments with the use of examples. With examples, the essay tries to elaborate on a given thesis. When you want to write an exemplification essay, you will need enough resources that are valid to the context and with details enough to educate the audience. When you write this type of essay, the main task is to choose very apt examples in a very careful manner. All the examples you choose must enhance the piece and add some level of intensity to the work. However, while your examples must be very brief and detailed, with clear ideas and strong points, they may also come with complex information once they are in support of the thesis. But on the other angle, when you choose an example and later discover that it leads to a conclusion that contradicts your thesis, you either have to eliminate the example or alter your thesis to fall in line with it. Your examples must enhance your thesis at all times and not contradict it. The only time you should include contradictory or opposing points is when you are trying to discuss such points as exceptions to the subject. Now, the simplest style of writing for the exemplification essay is the style that has only three sections. These sections include the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusions. Now, the writing an essay introduction is among the most essential parts because when you get it right, you have actually gotten the essay right. To this effect, you should put up a very strong introduction in any exemplification essay. The best method is to start with an anecdote. You may also want to start with a brief story, so far as the story ties into the subject matter in the proper manner. The function of such stories is to help the audience relate to what you are about to say. It also raises their enthusiasm to walk with you, to come along and read the entire essay. It also gives some personal approach to the essay and personalized essays appeal to every audience.

Writing the exemplification essay body

When you get to the body paragraphs of your essay, you should imbibe some tenets that will help you to come out with the best work. In the first place, you should go in search of lots of statistics and facts. Your body paragraphs should be filled with this in all corners. However, you must only present the relevant ones, just like in the book report we offer you. When you write, use a lot of organizational patterns to make the essay good and easy to read. On the other angle, you should ensure that all these come with a format that is logical and reasonable enough. The transitions from one paragraph to the other matters a lot. They must all be seamless and should always act as a guide for the reader. The best case study format lives here too.

When you get to the conclusion, try and summarize the entire piece. This summary should include points in the thesis statement and the entire paragraphs. Now, when you write this part of the essay, make it more reflective and philosophical and avoid the statistics and facts for now. This should be a general overview and not about details. Because you always want to make a lasting impression on your audience through this essay, you have to find something memorable and ad-rem to the work and add as the conclusion.

  • You should try and make a rough outline of your essay before you start the writing.
  • Make sure that the beginning of your essay is all about establishing the thesis and make this clear and understandable enough.
  • Edit and proofread your essay thoroughly before you submit, so as to eliminate all errors.


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