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Writing a Harvard Business School essay: the first significant steps

Nowadays, Harvard Business School is the most desirable place of study for all ambitious students from all countries. It supplies undergraduates with a great number of educational programs, such as a full-time large MBA program, corporate learning courses, case-study programs and different doctoral projects. It keeps a highly credible reputation and international prestige. Additionally, it also owns a few publishing houses that offer their clients the best business school essays and educational manuals in different fields of study. Therefore, it is obvious that every aspiring student in the sphere of management and business cherishes a desire to enter this university with great anticipation. In order to enter this reputable and popular educational center, one has to create a decent introductory essay. This task is highly sophisticated and requires advanced skills in the sphere of essay editing. Furthermore, one ought to have in mind that different educational centers and universities have various demands that can even contradict each other, so, as long as there exists no such thing as a universal sample, business school essays differ from each other by many important features and nuances, such as the fundamental goal of the essay and/or the most appropriate style.


Of course, one can use one of the general purpose recipes of writing an application, but this is an unjustifiably risky method. The best exemplum of the introductory essays has to bear the author’s imprint. In other words, your essay should contain all personal data about all your achievements in different fields of study together with complete and transparent information about your personal interests and expectations. Usually, the all-purpose recommendations contain only the most trivial advice about the well-known aspects of writing that cannot satisfy a persistent mind. Thus, it is mandatory to study all specific requirements of the contemporary educational program patiently and attentively with an eye to distinguish the most significant details that can be decisive in your situation. Undoubtedly, it is also expedient to examine attentively the similar educational programs in order to develop your individual many-sided point of view. Examine the best manuals about writing the Columbia business school essay, the London Business School essay, or the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania essay and you will achieve an utter understanding of contemporary tendencies from the world of modern management. All these programs contain only representative and latter-day information on the key points of their educational strategies and the primary objectives of their educational and pre-educational courses, so you will be ensured with all requisite information. Therefore, we can formulate the first goal of your work: to study all available influential sources about your future place of study in order to design the individual tactic that will be extremely beneficial during your future preparation.


The Harvard business school essay: fixing the most frequent errors from the very beginning


As mentioned above, it is practically impossible to write a perfect introductory essay without a complete comprehension of the essential aspects of the contemporary educational program. Thus, even the best last year’s essay can serve you only as an exemplary, but not as a golden standard of writing. Naturally, the last year’s papers may provide you a valuable information on the general principles of a thesis definition or supply you with essential tips that help you answer various questions, such as how to work out the most appropriate structure of your introductory paper or how to start a thesis. Nevertheless, even the most attentive students can make a critical mistake in their essays. To eschew these flaws from the start, it is very rational to acquaint yourself with a list of the most common errors that can disfigure your introductory essay. This brief and plain list of common errors includes the following points:



    • a critical loss of balance between “what to write” and “how to write”. Without any doubt, you have to mention all significant facts from your biography. However, it is extremely momentous to follow the general rules of writing an english paper. Choose only the most important facts that can familiarize a potential audience with your previously obtained achievements. Otherwise, your introductory paper will be filled with a great amount of supererogatory details that can divert an audience's attention, which is the extremely undesirable situation for the inexperienced enrollee.


    • the disregard of the most important facts of your life in favor of your future expectations. This is a highly unadvisable tactic, which may lead you to any form of failure. Of course, you should demonstrate that you are the endeavoring enrollee with a great number of interests and desires that can be realized only in this university with an eye to convince an audience in your professional suitability. Nevertheless, it is very considerable to write your introductory essay in a neutral style. The best introductory essays have plenty of common particularities with a well-written, logically flawless dissertation introduction, because both of these two papers require the same accuracy in dealing with all significant facts. Thus, concentrate on facts and facts only, avoiding any type of misunderstanding between your potential academics and you.


    • the neglect of the documentary evidence. Provide all necessary papers about your previously obtained education and achievements that are relevant to this case. You can also add the best exemplars of your work to your accompanying documents, such as your laboratory report sample, med school essays, letters from the volunteer organizations, etc. All these papers maximize your chances to take a place among the most promising candidates.


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