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What is a synthesis essay details

The subject called philosophy is actually the mother and queen of all sciences and it is from here that every other subject originated. However, philosophy is one subject you cannot ignore because it talks about everything in life. This is where all the methods of reasoning and arguments were developed, and the concept of synthesis is a brainchild of this course. When you talk about synthesis as a word, it will always reveal something coming out from the other in its proper English meaning. So, we can say that a synthesis essay is a college paper writing service that is written by drawing information from one or more sources. The simple truth here is that a synthesis essay is that essay where you are supposed to make inferences about the relationships between two or more sources. The sources for this writing an opinion essay will include works of fiction, articles, other essays, interviews, lectures and observations too. Many people will start seeing this as a big deal because it is in the academic setting. But this should not be the case because you engage in such inferences all the time. Many times, you read articles from literature sources like newspapers and infer the relationships between them and things you have experienced in real life. In some case, you may be talking about the most interesting teaching method and the least interesting method in the class. These are synthesis essays. So, we can actually tell you that when you are looking for answers to the question “ what is a synthesis essay ,” you are also looking at those research papers you have written in the past, because if you have written a research paper, then you have actually written a synthesis paper.

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What is a synthesis essay and how do I write it

When you eventually get to understand a synthesis essay through our tutorial, writing it will be the next port of call. Now, since this essay involves drawing of the relationships between two sources, you must understand the meaning of these sources and the information they give before you can draw the rightful relationship between them. When you understand the ideas here, then you should have the ability to summarize same. Every synthesis essay should involve some partial summaries so that the audience will understand better. Now, when you must have offered the summaries of the ideas and sources, you should go ahead to make a judgment from them. Now, something you should know about any judgment you make after summarizing the synthesis essay is that it must be based on concrete evidence garnered through critical reading of all the sources. You have to make out the conclusions through the check you make on the validity and quality of the sources. This is where you will now talk about your thoughts. Indicate how much you agree or disagree with the sources and give reasons why you agree or disagree.

Now, another aspect of this essay type is that making the conclusions and picking the things you agree on and the ones you disagree on is not enough. You have to move a step further to make out the relationships between the sources. Tell if the first source is a result of the conclusions on the second source. Is there any need to compare the third sources with the first one after reading first, second and third sources, these must be spelt out. Now, one important thing about the synthesis essay which any essay with the caption what is a synthesis essay must address is the fact that you must be very selective in choosing the information to write about from the sources. You must have the skill to choose the best information.

  • The main purpose of a synthesis essay is to allow you to read sources materials and through them from your own material.
  • Knowing how to start a thesis will do you a lot of good when you write the synthesis essay.
  • It simply means a thought emanating from the similarity or differences in two prior thoughts.
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