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What is a reflective essay details

If you are in college, you will definitely be required to submit a reflective essay sometime in your college years. Now, before you delve into the writing of such paper, you should realize that it is one difficult essay system which everybody must encounter in college. This is one of the best college essays that goes out to reveal your thoughts on something. It may be your thoughts about a movie you have watched in the past. It could be about a book you have read. It may be about an incident you have witnessed while it could also be about people around you. When you need the simplest definition of a reflective paper or essay, then you should say that it is an essay that simply gives out what you think about something. In some cases, you may be writing this essay about a thing, like movies, computer sets, shoes and others. But in some other cases, it may involve something broader and here, you may be looking at your holiday experience, the high school experience, and many others. People who write reflective essays in the social sciences may be writing about abstract ideas. It is good to note that it is through this type of essay that the philosophers unravel their theories about things. The origin of things and their destination is investigated with the help of these essays. A reflective essay inform of how to write a philosophy paper may talk about life, death, knowledge, time, laws and some other abstract ideas. Here, you are also demanded to think deeply about things you have been experiencing, so as to give your personal opinions about them, completely from your instincts about what you observed.

When you are writing this type of essay, you should realize that this is not a generic essay that talks about things on the shallow level. It is about your thought, your cognition, your understating, you perception and your eventual conclusion. While you are supposed to call the experience to mind, you don’t stop there. You think about the origin of things, what keeps them going, why they do what they do, what their future will be and many other things. Now, when you want to answer the question, what is a reflective essay , you have to be grounded in the subject. While the essay means a lot of things, there are many things it is not. This essay must be a complete explanation of your own thoughts. You may give the thoughts of other people as references or buildup, but the most important is your thought about the thing. When you end up without giving this, then you have not written a reflective essay.

Contents of a reflective essay

There are some things that must be present before your reflective essay can be termed complete. These are things you must include in the body of the essay to make it wholesome. When you demand such essays from our dissertation writing services , we give the most integral essays to you. Now, while the essay in question is not a dissertation and therefore, will not come with a dissertation methodology, it still must come with a very uniform and streamlined methodology. This essay must have an introduction of one paragraph, an essay body of 3 paragraphs and a conclusion of one paragraph. The body of the essay must contain insights from you about the topic. These may be in the form of your personal beliefs or experiences. You should be talking about your personal observations and conclusions from such observations. When you write this type of essay, just know that you are being asked to express your mind and pour out things the way you see them. Many expert writers will advise that you start the essay by focusing on the big picture. This is mostly done in the introduction where you are expected to make a general statement of ideas about the topic, before narrowing down in the body of the essay. This general statement will get the reader prepared about your particular observations that will come later in the main body of the essay. It is in this introduction that you should include the thesis statement which should do the function of summing up the entire work.

You should also pay attention to the judgment and conclusion. This is where to sum-up what you now think about the observations and perceptions you made about the under discussion. This is where you give your unique personal insight that will differentiate you from others on the topic. Now, when writing this essay, you have to know that it is based on your personal experiences, so the use of some of the personal pronouns like I, my, me and others are completely acceptable. This is to showcase that it’s about you and what you have been through. The conclusion of this essay is the last thing that stays on the mind of your reader, so it should be memorable enough. Make it stylish and heavy and ensure that it does not leave any doubt in the mind of the reader as to the opinion you have taken as a person.

  • The major things that are assessed here are your developments as a student and how you have developed the skills of critical assessment of issues and things. The essay also evaluates how logical your thoughts flow, and other strengths you have been able to develop as a student.
  • Your weaknesses are also not left out as it exposes areas you are not so grounded in.
  • Everything about this essay should be descriptive in nature. This is the angle that tells the audience and your lecturers that you have a good grasp of the topic being discussed.


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