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Do you want to know what is a hero essay

Of course, you might have heard the word «hero». Some people think that the very essence of heroism isn’t to surpass others at any cost, but to server others at any cost. Nevertheless, no one knows for sure the exact meaning of this word. When talking about a hero, people usually ask the following questions:

  • What’s actually involved in being a hero?
  • Do we need tons of cash and fame to become heroes?
  • Is a hero somebody we respect, admire or look up to?
  • Can we consider ourselves to be heroes?
  • Should a hero be a «superhero», stuffed with super powers?
  • Why do people treat this word «hero» in such a strange way?

Most probably you’ve already tried to answer the same questions. So, let’s try to figure out the real meaning of this word in our what is a hero essay .

First, let’s get familiar with a definition of «hero» offered by the Heroic Imagination Project. Well, the definition says that heroes are those people who for some reason transform their compassion into a heroic action. When doing so, they sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity. They’re ready to take action to help others in need. We should stress it in this what is a hero essay .

A typical heroic action includes the following distinctive features:

  • It’s conducted in service to one or several human beings.
  • It’s carried out voluntarily.
  • A heroic action is always initiated without material gain.
  • The action suggests sacrificing social status, physical comfort, standard or quality of living.

If you think it over, we mean the interpretation mentioned above, you might think that the opposite side of heroism is bystander behavior. When people voluntarily engage in a certain activity, which is in service to somebody else or the entire community, they are likely to take risk to do this without any material gain and expectation. These people are real heroes, they aren’t just passive bystanders. They definitely deserve to be praised in our what is a hero essay .

Don’t think that heroism is just random acts of human kindness. On the contrary, heroism is quite distinct. In fact, a hero isn’t somebody you simply respect or admire. A hero is a distinct human being. We’ll keep talking about him in this what is a hero essay .

Day and night, most of us need a hero:

  • If a kid is bullied at school, he or she needs a hero. However, not only children can be bullied by someone elder and stronger. Even adults become victims of such a violent behavior. Respectively, they also require a hero to help save them from cruelty.
  • If somebody is sexually assaulted, a here also needs to be there immediately.
  • If somebody has drunk too much and he’s about to drive. Sure, he’s endangering himself and a hero would help.
  • Anyone being hazed also need a here to come up.

Well, we’ve told you a lot about heroes and now you’re probably eager to become this almost mythical personage. Anyone who has read someone’s what is a hero essay , will most like want to become a hero. Not only essays about heroes, but also Internet, TV as well as other mass media vividly depict heroes’ actions and make us want to acquire their supernatural abilities. All of us are eager to want to make that huge difference in a dramatic situation, keep somebody safe or stand up for justice and liberty. This desire is typical to representatives of any nation throughout the globe.

On the other hand the word «hero» may bring other senses. For instance, many people agree that it caters to our egoistical, self-promotional and narcissistic ambitions. Additionally, we often have rather a resigned and cynical relationship to heroism. For instance, once we tried to take a heroic action, but it didn’t give an expected effect we hoped for. We often don’t have enough courage to become a hero and we’re definitely good at justifying it by saying something like this: «It makes no sense to be good enough to be a real hero». The older we’re, the more evidence we pick up against the necessity of being a hero. You can find this common truth in many what is a hero essay examples .

No one denies that fictional heroes are the most attractive of all heroes. In this case, we’re talking about such superheroes as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. Superman is a real hero. It’s because this creature puts anybody’s needs before his own and does his best to save our human race. Spiderman greatly contributes to the overall safety of New York City and it always makes him risk his own life. Batman utilizes devices and resources in the intelligent way in order to defend his native city and prevent villains from breaking his firm faith in humanity.

Superheroes are perfect examples for man ordinary people. However, they often don’t realize that every person has his own hero inside. Of course, most likely we’ll never boast super powers, including invincibility or free flight, but there’s still a real chance to become a hero in everyday life. For example, police officers and firemen can be regarded as real heroes as they often risk their lives to get people out of any trouble even at the cost of their lives. So, you don’t need super powers to be a hero, just be him.

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