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What is a diagnostic essay : Recent time definition

Now, this seems to be one of the essays that is completely different from all the others. However, it is still one of the essays that every student in college is expected to write, especially when they are new to each class. Now, while all the other essays have their names derived from the action to be taken by the writer or what is written about, the diagnostic essay has its name from the purpose of the essay. So, when you are faced with the question, what is a diagnostic essay , just say that it is an essay that is meant for diagnosis. The major concern here is who diagnoses who. You should not mistake this for a medical a lab report format because we have mentioned diagnosis. This is simply an essay where the students’ abilities are measured by the teachers. It is believed that they use the essay to diagnose the new students so as to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses in essay writing and the general subject, and to map out the areas they will need some extra help so as to come out good. In many cases, the diagnostic essay is not graded. But it is an invaluable method for students to receive feedbacks on their writing in the first semester of studies.

The essay is mainly focused on a particular course to reveal how much you know about writing an essay in that course. When you are given this type of assignment, you do not get the whole time in the whole world. It is a time sensitive type of writing an opinion essay, which is used in assessing some basics. The teacher when looking at your diagnostic essay will focus on some areas like the introduction and conclusion, the thesis is statement and your body paragraphs which must focus on a particular main idea each. Other things assessed are how you handle the logical progression of ideas in the essay. The teacher will also look at whether your ideas are supported with specific details and how clearly and vividly the ideas were presented. You must not fail to make good thesis topics because they are an integral part of the grading. You must also be mindful of the amount of errors in your sentences and must adhere to the word count. This type of essay is normally within 600 words range and you must keep to the word range as given by your lecturer, because he will also rate this under your writing discipline. In answering what is a diagnostic essay , all the aforementioned are involved.

Diagnostic essay writing tips

There are great tips that can help you when you are writing your diagnostic essay. However, you have to remember that this essay may also be a writing a critical essay. This essay must have about 5 paragraphs and you must have a clear vision of how you are dividing your materials for these paragraphs. You must ensure that each body paragraph talks about a different idea though all of them will be related. Each paragraph should be at least half of a page and each must start with the topic sentence. This is where you explain the main points to be discussed in the paragraph. You are also advised to ensure that the body goes on discussing only that point. You thesis statement must be the last sentence in the introduction, and this should be a combination and summary of all the major ideas in your body paragraphs into a single concise and comprehensive sentence. What you must have at the back of your mind is that coming up with a great essay depends on the level of reading you do and how you are able to put down the things you have read in a structured essay format.

Now, the tone of the writing should be a formal one. Because of this, all forms of undue first person phrases and references like I, my, me and others must be avoided. The main method to use is to fix in words like I think that, I believe that, to my own understanding, etc., and they are meant to let the reader know that you are just voicing out your personal opinion about things. You should also use quotations to make your essay rich, as it is done in other essays. When you do this, do not make the mistake of allowing the quotation to stand alone. It is supposed to be an integrated part of the essay and the integration must be seamless and in support the topic sentence. If this is being written in an exam setting, then you have to set out at least 10% of the essay time for pre-writing of the work. You start this brainstorming by writing down three main ideas to be included in your thesis and your body paragraphs. These are the three main ideas you will use to develop each body paragraph. When you are through with your essay, you have to do a thorough editing and proofreading. When you do the essay editing , you should know that this is not an essay to be used by data miners who will close their eyes on lots of things just so they will get the information they seek. You are being assessed here and you have to be conscious of that. Because of this, you should make your essay error free before you submit.

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  • You also have to remember that you are judged according to the points you present, the format and structure you employed in writing the essay and the literary style and devices used in the essay writing. So, you can be said to have learnt “ what is a diagnostic essay,” if you know these.
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