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What is a descriptive essay: Detailed description

When in college, you will encounter a lot of essays with names like, description, exposition, narration, and argumentation. These are ways of explaining subject matters in the academic field. Amongst all these essay types, the descriptive essay is one of the most used. This is because it deals with the basic act of describing what a matter is before you can move ahead to make any argument about such. Therefore, the question we need to ask ourselves is, “ what is a descriptive essay ”. In the descriptive essay, the main object of writing is to describe something, person, place, emotion, experience or even a situation. The major issue in this type of writing an informative essay is to test the ability of the student to create a logically written content or account of what he or she has experienced. One of the major attributes of a descriptive essay which you must always try to emphasize when you answer the question, what is a descriptive essay is the fact that it gives you a great deal of freedom to show all your artistic prowess when you write about it. It is not one of the predetermined essays. Here, you are allowed to spread out, test the waters and write about what you see, what you experience or what you know about a thing. When you are through with a well-written essay of this category, you must have painted a very clear and vivid image of the object in the mind of the reader. There is one cardinal point that anybody who is writing a descriptive essay should have in mind, and that is the fact that you should try again and again until the reader is able to form an impression about the thing you are describing. If this does not happen, then you should keep trying because that is the main purpose of your work. If you need a one on one tutorial on what a descriptive essay is, then you should come to our website for special arrangements. We will also offer term paper tutorials to college students in need of them.

When you are asked to write a descriptive essay, you have to show that you have learnt to answer the question what is a descriptive essay. You must start your essay with brainstorming. This is not the type of essay where you pick your pen and start scribing anything that comes to your mind. For you to be in line with what you are being asked to do, you must jot down some ideas and core points to be further expantiated in the essay. If you are asked to write an essay on your favorite house for instance, you have to jot down things like the color of the house, the roof, the building materials, the architectural style and many other things. The essay must be written with these guidelines, just the same way you write your analytical essay with our guidelines. When writing a descriptive essay, you must always make use of very clear and vivid language. Choose the words with care and ensure that only the relevant words are used. They must be words that are related to the thing you are describing in the descriptive essay. Another thing which every descriptive essay must showcase is the use of the writer’s senses. The essay must appeal to all aspects of the life of the readers, including their senses. So, for you to get your essay right, you must use your own senses. The smell, feeling, taste, sound and look of things must be properly spelled out. In fact, these are the words that will give the real description. On another level, when you write such essays, you should ask yourself, “what am I thinking”. It is all about originality, and so whatever it is that is going through your mind should be allowed to flow out. With this, you will be able to connect deeply with the reader. You have a very invaluable emotional reservoir, which you need to tap into when writing a descriptive essay. When you are through with the essay, ensure that you have actually gotten the reader familiar with the topic. Leave the reader with a feeling of appreciation of what you are saying. The three main methods of persuasion and conviction must be used to draw the reader to your essay. You can use logos which appeals to reason, you can use ethos which simply means working on people’s integrity and respect, and you can have a complete call on their emotions.

Other descriptive essay facts

Let the description you give be properly organized in a logical manner. Another thing you must avoid when writing a descriptive essay is the practice of making incoherent ramblings about emotions and feelings about a thing. Here, I mean all the irrelevant words must be cut off for the valid ones. You have to bear in mind that by the time your readers are through with the essay, they must have made some cogent sense from what you wrote about the object you are describing. The five senses must be used in the best possible logical manner. You should also imbibe the use of simile and metaphors or other figures of speech to describe. Many people will resort to the use of an anecdote, especially in the beginning parts of the essay to give their introduction or thesis statement as it is in a case study analysis.

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