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We hope you’ve already heard of Virginia Tech. That’s a very popular public school, having up to 21000 undergrads. The given educational institution gets approximately 17000 applications. The school’s admissions directors take advantage of a holistic approach in the application review process. They consider a wide array of factors, including standardized test scores, strength of schedule and high school GPA. We’ll unveil more intriguing facts about this school in this virginia tech application essay , just keep reading.

For this school grades, classes as well as test scores play a significant role, thus dominating the admissions process. However, it doesn’t mean that VT is utilizing formulas. Well, they’re still ready to get familiar with your application. Accordingly, it’s up to you to make the most of the offered opportunities.

Here below in this virginia tech application essay , you’ll find several useful tips enabling you to get along with them:

  • Avoid slacking off: At Virginia Tech all the grades you obtain in the first semester of the senior year will be fully considered. So, if you are a senior, consider this semester to be the last opportunity to demonstrate what you’re really capable of. For example, you can show them your outstanding ability to write a good virginia tech application essay .
  • See how various test scores stack up: Undoubtedly, Virginia Tech needs ACT as well as SAT scores. However, when evaluating your application they’ll most likely make use of the highest scores. They’ll combine the highest test scores from multiple test dates.
  • December scores are going to be still viable for admission at VT. As follows from this, it makes sense for you to re-take one of those exams or try another test type. For instance, if you’ve already taken the SAT, you can shift to the ACT and vice versa. Keep in mind that numbers really rule here, so picking up extra points will give you an enormous advantage. We’ve prepared more details in this virginia tech application essay .

In some colleges test scores as well as grades play a more important role than essays, but that’s not about Virginia Tech. if you really work hard on your virginia tech application essay , you’ll have a pretty good chance to become their student. You only need to answer several crucial questions in the virginia tech application essay . Here’s a good virginia tech essay prompt :

  • What are the major five reasons you’re eager to attend Virginia Tech? Well, talking about the academic reputation as well as pretty campus and their football team can hardly make you stand out from other applicants who might have already come up with the same answer. In this case you shouldn’t recite any well-known facts as well as statistics about the school. Instead, you’d better honestly tell why you’re excited about attending VT.
  • If there’s anything you think would be extremely beneficial for the VT’s Admissions Committee to learn as we review your academic history, try to explain in your virginia tech application essay . Some students underwent a series of hardships at high school. Unfortunately, that heavily affected their academics. Perhaps, you also have a strong temptation to write something similar in your virginia tech essay . However, none of the admissions committee is waiting for your excuses. Whatever happened to you during your school years, it’s your fault and you’d better keep this fact hidden in your virginia tech admissions essay .
  • Enumerate the best virtues of a diverse educational community. For example, you may be excited to learn from new people, who’re completely different from you. Tell us what life experiences made you want VT’s exclusive environment. Those candidates who have provided the most convincing emotionally strong reasons, will most likely become VT’s students.
  • Tell us about your previous teachers you really admired. When we’re lucky to come across someone worth to admire we change, sometimes that’s even a radical change. So, it would be a beneficial move to show how you’re different today thanks to this teacher’s positive influence. Describe the best tutor of your past and tell why you admire him or her.

There’re several great tips left. Be patient and read:

There’s no need to introduce yourself in the essay. The members of the admissions committee will learn this from your application. So, don’t tell them what they already know.

Don’t forget about the word limit. Obviously, there’s an evident reason why VT’s admissions committee prefers 250-word personal statements. On average the admissions committee has to look through up to 42000 personal statements. There’s enough reading for them, isn’t it? So, reward the admissions committee with your clarity, brevity, poignancy and individuality.

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