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Considering the genre of Two Kinds essay

If you attend literature classes, there is a great chance that you are going to read a number of short stories and write a number of essays analyzing them. One of such stories is probably the Two Kinds, which is considered to be one of the most significant pieces of literature enlightening the conflict between two near people, the mother and her daughter. The author describes a very common to the society of all times situation, where a mother tries to fulfill her dreams by means of the life of her own daughter. Eventually, mother's attempts to influence her daughter's life cause a number of conflict situations, which are the main line of the plot of the short story. In this article, we will show you how to read, understand and analyze the defined short story in order to write a food and effective Two Kinds essay .

An important thing to know when you are going to write Two Kinds essay is to understand the genres of writing assignments. Every genre has its specificities and different purposes, and they are all difficult in different ways. Therefore, please look and the following information and decide which kind of essays attracts you most:

  • The definition essay is meant to provide an explanation of a certain term or some sort of an idea. It is usually used for writing research papers and needs to have a clear structure.
  • The classification essay is usually written to provide a classification of certain issues in accordance with defined categories, each of which serves to show concrete specificities and characteristics of an issue.
  • The description essay is used, if the author wants to describe a person, a phenomenon, some event, etc. It is very similar to the narrative style of writing, although is written in a scientific manner.
  • Compare and contrast essay is meant to demonstrate the common and different characteristics of two or more certain subjects. It is necessary to give many examples and evidences in this genre of essay.
  • The sequence essay is used, if an author wants to provide a description of a series of phenomena or events here, it is necessary to divide the body of the essay into sections providing steps of the series or a process.
  • Analyzing essay is written if you want to provide an analysis of some piece of literature, or a movie, or an article, song, play, research paper, etc. You need to do a research and show the results of your research in your essay. Analysis also includes your personal response and evaluation of the defined work.

Choosing the topic for your Two Kinds Amy Tan essay

Taking into consideration the explanation of different genres of an essay, that we provided above, we suggest you choosing the analysis essay. This is the best method to write a paper on a piece of literature, whether it is a short story, novel and so on. Therefore, if you accept our suggestion and decide to write Two Kinds analysis essay , keep reading to know which questions you can enlighten in it.

  • What is the reason, for which the mother is so obsessed with fulfilling her dreams? Is it a sort of psychological disease or the matter of her personal character?
  • How can you discuss the plot of the short story in the light of real life? Consider situations that happened to you personally or to your friends. Have you ever faced a similar conflict?
  • What are the possible solutions of the conflict, apart from the one provided in the short story? What would you do, if you were the daughter? Would you sacrifice your own life in order to satisfy your mother's desires?
  • What are the aspects, discussed and shown in the short story in the light of the immigration problem? What difficulties face immigrants who come to the United States of America?
  • What is the meaning of success and failure according to the plot of the short story? What does happiness have to do with success? How does the author uses irony for describing these two significant issues?
  • What is the role of expectations in the life of people, according to the plot of the piece of literature? Provide your personal opinion in regard to the following: is it always necessary to justify the expectations of our parents in order to prove them something or in order to satisfy their ambitions?
  • What is the role of the title of the short story? How does the title reflect the moral of the story and its plot as a whole?
  • What are the main and most significant conflicting points in the short story? Consider analyzing not only the conflict between the mother and the daughter, but also the issues of immigrants, difficulties in pursuing dreams, the conflict of interests and worldview of different people.
  • Analyze the transformation of the daughter into a woman within her life. How can the reader see the difference between the young girl and an adult woman in the end of the story?
  • What is the role of cultural specificities of different nations in the plot of the short story? How can the cultural background of a person influence her deeds, behavior and relationships with other people?
  • Analyze different aspects of the American dream in the light of the plot. What does it mean to the immigrants and to the native American inhabitants?

As a matter of facts, you can combine two kinds of essay in your paper, if you want to provide an analysis and compare some aspects at the same time. Anyway, if you need more assistance with writing your paper, please consider the services of our team.

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