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Your new writing challenge: the crucible essay

You’ve just been given a new writing assignment - the crucible essay. We guess a character analysis would be a nice solution for the crucible essay introduction.

«The Crucible», a play created by Arthur Miller in 1953 is a prominent piece of literature mainly due to the topic analyzed in it. From the first paragraphs, you’re getting plunged into a mysterious atmosphere of American life in the 1950s with all its witches and their enormous impact on society of that time. Witches and their victims can’t be a boring thing, anyway.

Before we proceed with the crucible essays , let’s cycle through the play’s main characters:

  • Reverend Parris

He’s the Minister of Salem, who thinks evil witches are eager to make leave Salem. This belief made him an active participant of the witch trial.

  • Betty Parris

She’s Revered Parris’ daughter. One day her father found her in the woods. Later she accused different people of witchcraft.

  • John Proctor

Another citizen of Salem, a farmer. He’s one of the most crucial characters in the play, mainly due to an affair with Abigail Williams.

  • Reverend John Hole

The Minister in Beverly. He tried to figure out whether Betty’s disease had a witchcraft origin or not. He refused to support the witch trials when he learnt that Abigail Williams was a liar.

  • Elizabeth Proctor

John Proctor’s wife. After her disease, she found out that her husband had committed marital infidelity with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth dismissed Abigail as she could no longer see her face after that incident.

  • Abigail Williams

She was responsible for starting the witch trials. The woman had a love affair with John Proctor. She threatened other girls and accused innocent people of being witches. Abigail had a strong influence on girls around her.

  • Francis Nurse

A farmer from Salem, a really rational man. He’s used to deciding who’s right or wrong in different disputes.

  • Rebecca Nurse

She’s a wife of Francis Nurse, a very honest woman. She withstood the witch trial. Because of this, she was accused of being a witch.

As you see, the theocratic society, depicted in the play gave the birth to all the characters of the play. All these characters consider the church the highest authority. The law of the state and laws of humanism don’t have such a powerful impact on them as the church does. Most of these characters have easily-transformed and weak personalities. They’re used to changing their point of view in compliance with the situation. For them the witch trial is just a game. Understanding this will help you to write the crucible persuasive essay.

We’ve just finished with the character analysis. Now let’s look though a list of worthy topics for the crucible essay. Do you want to get the crucible essay prompts ? Keep reading.

The following essay topics are based on the whole Miller’s play. When following every topic you’ll come across a ready-made thesis and sample outline. You can use this stuff as a starting point for your crucible essay.



One of the most crucial themes in «The Crucible» is the whole importance of a good name. In this topic you should analyze what a good name means to some of the play’s characters. Make use of specific example’s in order to support your conclusions.


The thesis statement:

  • One central idea of»The Crucible»is the significance of a good name. By the way, at the end of the play, the meaning of a good name to John Proctor greatly differs from Reverend Parris’ good name.

A perfect name as reputation and pride

  • Reverend Parris
  • Judge Danforth

We mean goodness, when talking about a good name.

  • Rebecca Nurse
  • Elizabeth Proctor

A good name gives its owner moral integrity and individuality.

  • John Proctor
  • Reverend Hale

Topic #2

We can’t imagine «The Crucible» without a presentation of truth. In this topic you require showing how truth is depicted in the play and how different characters unveil their true natures.


  • The thesis statement: Salem’s judges aren’t concerned with finding the truth and...

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