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How to Define the American Dream Essay

You may often hear other people wanting to fulfill the American dream, and this term is associated with achieving success in any field. You should think about its definition if you are assigned with an essay about the American dream. Basically, it’s the main result on succeeding in life, but it also involves other aspects, such as democracy, equality, freedom, possibility to grasp prosperity, and so on. Do your detailed research to be sure to write an excellent academic paper. When it comes to your writing a compare and contrast essay, if you are not 100% sure in your skills or creativity, don’t hesitate to get professional help. For example, our skilled and expert academic writers can help you with any process involved, and their services are fast and affordable.

  • Equality makes this dream possible for all people, but it doesn’t exist in all countries. All citizens are equal in the US, as this is how the system in this country is set up. Besides, it’s one of the basic principles of living the fullest life that allows people to achieve their success and become prosperous. This means that everybody has a chance to benefit from equal opportunities, even when starting at the very bottom.
  • How democracy correlates with this dream. It’s another interesting and important subject that can be discussed in your academic paper. Democracy is all about the government run by citizens where all of their political, social, and other rights are equal. It’s up to them how they decide to represent their ideals, and it’s impossible to get an opportunity to fulfill the American dream without it.
  • Another important element is people’s freedom. They all have their right to use their chance to live their dream, which is granted by laws. Use this idea for your writing a persuasive essay.

The Key Elements Involved

  • First, you need to mention in your paper that the American dream you need to mention in your paper that the American dream can’t be measured based only on what people have. That’s because it’s necessary to measure it based on its fundamental principles and their application to the modern society.
  • The dream of abundance is one of the most important elements, and it’s explained by the ability of people to live in a country filled with many material goods. You can discuss this subject in your mla format paper.
  • Next, people may have a dream of the democracy of goods. It’s about their ability to buy them, regardless of who they are and where they come from. This aspect links back to the right to be equal and free.
  • The freedom of choice is another crucial element of the American dream, and it ties back into the constitution. It allows everyone fashion a favorable lifestyle, and this means all people have their right to be whom they want to be, and it can’t be restricted.
  • The dream of novelty shouldn’t be forgotten because it represents a broad choice for consumers. People are not required to specialize in particular areas to get along in life because they can be sure in a constant demand for their niche skills, which provides them with a freedom of choice. This can be a great topic when writing your achieving the American dream essay.

Guidelines on Structuring Your Essay

  • It must have the right structure and be broken into several paragraphs to be easy to read. There is a nothing worse than reading full pages of solid text, so breaking down your academic paper into specific sections allows you to make it sound more logical. The good news is that there is a simple formula used when writing the American dream essays. It’s necessary to write an introduction to state your chosen topic and outline the most important points briefly, main body paragraphs to discuss them, and a conclusion to summarize all ideas.
  • Make sure all main body paragraphs are structured properly. This means that not only the entire essay should have a structure, but this rule is also applied to all paragraphs. You need to make a statement in each one and explain it to readers in detail. Don’t forget to give interesting and vivid examples and other facts to prove your thesis statement.
  • The successful completion of any assignment requires a detailed plan. For example, before you write a psychology paper, you should create an outline of its structure, thesis, and other important elements. Use it as a map of what you are going to write about, and it usually takes only a few minutes to draw it. Make sure you include a structure of your essay to avoid forgetting important points.
  • Once your academic paper about the American dream is written, you need to reread and edit it. Don’t skip this step because it can help you find and fix many grammar, stylistic, spelling, and other mistakes. The main reason why many students fail to take it is that they don’t have enough time. Be sure to get started as early as possible to avoid making the same mistake. It’s advisable to take a break before proofreading and editing your essay to take a look at it at a fresh angle. If this task seems confusing to you, our professional academic writers who can complete it for you and provide other services, such as giving simple and helpful how to write a speech
  • Finally, practice makes perfect. You should practice your writing skills as often as you can to improve them considerably and achieve academic success. Devote at least 5-10 minutes per day to this exercise even if you are not assigned with any academic paper, and you’ll notice positive changes fast.
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