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Really shocking to read: a short essay on child labour

There’s no doubt child labour is one of the most terrible and shameful things in the history of humanity. To cut a long story short child labour can be defined as a law violation, when kids are forced to work as adults. So, they participate in the countries’ economic activity just like any other people. we’re going to discuss it in this short essay on child labour .

Before we start discussing such an awful thing as child labour, we need to find out whom we can consider kids in this case. Well, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO for short) the term «child labor» is applied to people aged 15-17. Mention this fact in your short essay on child labour .

What’s the worst thing in child labour? There’s nothing good when kids are deprived of their sacred childhood. Employers don’t give them an opportunity to attend school on a regular basis, though every child has the right for education. They’re too young for the assigned duties, which are often physically, mentally, morally and socially harmful for their vulnerable mind and body.

Keep in mind that child labour has nothing common with casual work carried out by children, such as helping other people or guarding other kids. Child labour is officially forbidden in the fast majority of countries.

There may be two variants of work for kids:

  • Some work for them is really acceptable. Of course, we’re talking about light and easy-to-do duties. Kids can do this job being well-integrated into their family. That could be an extra activity for their education, for instance.
  • As for the other kind of work for kids, it’s far more difficult to do. Furthermore, it can be physically exhausting and even dangerous. For example, in this case kids may be required to work for a long time in bad conditions. As you might have guessed, exactly this type of work for kids is normally regarded as child labour and it shouldn’t be allowed.

Approximately, in today’s world up to 350 million kids are affected by such an awful activity as child labour. About 8 million of these are facing the most terrible forms of child labour. For instance, they may be soldiers, prostitutes, slaves and so on.

There are a lot of prejudices against this forbidden activity in the Western World and this should be covered in your essay writing on child labour . In most cases, the mass media picture a hard working kid in third world sweat shop, somewhere in Africa. The truth is that such shops can be found anywhere, including even highly developed countries, including the USA and Germany. However, such facts are usually well-hidden, but you’ll certainly unveil this in an essay on child labour .

About three quarters of this work is carried out in agriculture. Additionally, it deals with home activities. As for kid-slaves, they really exist, but they’re just a minority. Child labour is quite ancient, it was used before globalization and industrialization, but exactly today it’s getting more visible.

As we’ve just told above, child labor is an international problem as it spoils, damages and destroys the future of kids. We shouldn’t forget that kids are the future and hope of any nation. So, it’s up to us not to deprive them of their sacred childhood. Don’t neglect this fact in your essay on child labour .

India is one of those countries where child labour can be seen almost everywhere, in spite of the fact the country’s law doesn’t allow employers to hire kids under the age of 14. It’s so sad the reality we see in this country is quite opposite to the law. Indian businesses keep making use of child labour, which violates the basic human rights. In this country child labour is often used in transport, packaging and manufacturing. Very often huge amounts of hand-made garments as well as other items from India are rejected because of the use of child labour.

Now let’s have a look at the most common causes of child labour, often described in essays on child labour :

  • Employers simply try to minimize their labour cost in their production organization.
  • Kids are eager to earn money to help their families with rather a low standard of living.

Are there any good solutions to this problem? We hope so:

  • The general public should be informed of extremely negative consequences of child labour.
  • The government should drastically enforce the child labour.
  • Adults should have better employment opportunities. This will undoubtedly help to cope with the problem of poverty and therefore child labour.
  • It’s up to the government to ensure that every kid has an opportunity to attend school.
  • The owners of mines and factories require taking the pledge not to make use of child labour in their business.

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