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Sample argumentative essay middle school

I have heard many people say that the only thing that qualifies to be an essay is the argumentative essay. This is because they tend to think about the ancient methods of learning and teaching, whereby the ancient philosophers come to the field and everybody starts positing his own views about the universe and other subjects. It is from this exercise that most of the common facts and theories we have today came to be. So far as your essay gives out a verdict or your opinion which you want people to buy, you have done an argumentative essay. So, all essays can be termed argumentative. However, there are essays that are specifically meant to deal with arguments for and against a subject. These are the ones that go by this name and we offer sample argumentative essay for middle schools . An argumentative essay discusses opinions for and against an assertion. Now, if you are writing a 1000 words essay of the argumentative type, you must do so with a given format. This should be made up of about 3 sections, and they are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. However, when you are given this type of essay and you do not have the time or the skill to write it, you only need to pass this to us. Our expert writers will offer perfect sample persuasive essay middle school to you. All our sample essays are very unique and they are developed for you and you alone. They are custom essays for our clients. The entire function of this type of essay which may be a writing a profile essay or a cause and effect essay is to convince the reader to believe the views you are proposing.

Since the major function of our example argumentative essay middle school is to teach you the skills of convincing, you should also know the best tools with which you can convince people. The number one tool for conviction in an argumentative essay is facts. These will involve logical conclusions from the information you got through your research. It could be your research information in the raw form too. The facts to convince your readers in an argumentative book report will come from the book you are reporting and from other works by the author. On the general note, you can get facts from observation, reading and even personal experience. Now, you should not make the mistake of confusing facts with truth in this regard. Facts are provable ideas that are tangible enough while truths are ideas that are believed by many but which cannot be proven. So, when you are getting middle school essay samples from online writing firms or from everybody, you should expect them to be presenting facts and not just truths. Another tool for conviction is the statistics. This is the one that will give excellent support to your arguments, especially when you are writing science essays. However, there is always the tendency to throw wrong and fallacious statistics around. Because of this, you have to be sure that your source is a very reliable one before you make use of the statistics from them. You can also use quotes from experts and authorities in the industry to get your audience convinced to adopt your views. This is one of the invaluable tools because it does a lot to the mindset of the people, and they will start seeing you like the one that posited the quotes. You can also convince people with examples. This seems to be the most credible because they get to see practical examples of what you are saying. They simply make the ideas very concrete.

Sample argumentative essay middle school writing outline

When you set out to develop your sample argumentative essay middle school , you should structure it as given below. You should start the essay writing by choosing a good topic. This is only if you have not been given the sample essays middle school topic to write on. Make sure you pick a topic that is compelling and very interesting at the same time. It should also be from an area that you are passionate about. This is actually the most important part of it. It must be an area with enough information to allow you showcase your writing skills and gain good grades. Start the essay by writing the introduction of the sample argumentative essay middle school. You can start with a hook that will captivate the attention of the reader. After this, give a little background information about the topic you are writing about. After this, you talk about the debate a little. Also, explain why the essay is important and then state your own position about the essay. While we are offering this outline to you, you can also enjoy our ever feasible grant proposal .

After this, the next part of the sample argumentative essay middle school should be the counterclaim refutation. You have to state the point here and refute it in a persuasive manner. You have to refute and rebut so as to show that it is incorrect, irrelevant and not powerful enough. You have to turn it to an opposite point to support your own argument. After this, you can now state your own claim in support of the argument you are making. Give your argument and the supporting evidence with enough logic, statistics, facts, authorities and examples. Also, restate the thesis through this paragraph. this is how we develop the body of your sample argumentative essay middle school and other essays, and it is because of the attention we put into every assignment that we stand as the people that offer the best resume writing service .

  • The conclusion of this essay is very important just as the introduction, so you have to make it captivating enough.
  • Use it to restate the thesis of the essay and call the readers to adopt your views.
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