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Most popular essay questions for Romeo and Juliet

The novel Romeo and Juliet is one of the popular and ageless books ever. It is nearly impossible to overestimate the significance of that play. We can find a lot of causes which made that book so popular. For instance, it is a really brilliant love story or it was well written and organized by William Shakespeare. You must encounter this book during your education in high school or in college. Therefore you might be asked to write an essay on Romeo and Juliet. You might have problems with thesis topics or with writing a short essays. You can ask us to do it for you. We can also help you if you have some questions during the writing. Our service can also proofread your essay to avoid mistakes. You ought to remember that we can also just write your whole essay for you.

So here are some Romeo and Juliet essay questions and answers to them . We realize how difficult it could be to answer those questions and we want give you a hand.

    • 1. Compare Romeo and Juliet characters and write whether they break gender conventions or not. The behaviour of Romeo and Juliet which reverses gender conventions. Romeo prefers to be in the state of melancholy instead of proving his physical power like other men in the play. Juliet isn’t scared to express her emotions and tell what she thinks like most other female characters in the play that just do blindly as Lord Capulet says. Juliet is in charge and exactly she insists on their marriage. But as the play goes on, Romeo becomes more active.
    • 2. Show the difference between two Romeo’s two suicidal attempts in Act 3 and in Act 5. Do these two situations change his character? Romeo attempts suicide in Act 3 and Act 5 but in Act 3 it was just an attempt because of killing Tybalt. He makes it because of his faint-heartedness. He is afraid of losing his face. But we can see that in Act 5 he commits a suicide because he doesn’t have another way out. He kills himself because of love to Juliet not because of the fear.
    • 3. Compare the characters of Mercutio and Tybalt. Explain Mercutio’s hate to Tybalt. Mercutio tells Benvolio that he hates Tybalt because he is a slave of fashion and vanity. Mercutio is convincing that the reader accepts this description of his character as the final. Tybalt proves his words: he shows himself fashionable, easily insulted, witty and defensive. That character can be incomprehensible to Mercutio and it can be the reason for his hate.
    • 4.Is it possible that a story like this could happen so quickly? The story can surely seem to take too little time than actually occupies, but that is because of the intensity of Romeo and Juliet relations. That rush underlines the significance of the events and makes the atmosphere of the play weightier. It might not seem realistic for such a story.
    • 5. What does Shakespeare want to say using symbols of silver and gold in his play? What do they mean? Gold and silver are used to show human folly. Shakespeare often uses the image of silver as the symbol of innocent beauty and love. Gold is used to symbolize desire or greed. For instance, we have to mention the building of golden statues as a sign that neither Lord Montague nor Lord Capulet has understood something from the death of their children.
    • 6.Should we think that Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy in the meaning we used to think of (in which fate destroys characters’ life)? Or is it the tragedy of personality and circumstance? As we know, in classical tragedy the Fate defeats individuals in spite of their attempts to change the course of events. The tragic elements are easily seen in Romeo and Juliet–young guy and young girl who love one another and just want to be together but they fall victims of an ancient feud. Romeo and Juliet’s tragedy is the result of human folly. Young lovers have lots of opportunities to just run away together after Romeo was banished. So this tragic situation could be prevented.

So here are seven Romeo and Juliet essay questions . We hope they were interesting and useful to you. If necessary to answer a Romeo and Juliet essay question we can find it for you.

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