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Making first steps in writing Romeo and Juliet essay introduction

Reading Shakespeare's plays is tough, and especially tough is writing a good Romeo and Juliet essay introduction. The language of Shakespeare's plays is really beautiful, but it is hard to comprehend at the same time. This is not only about your writing and reading skills, but it is also about experience, which is essential when you face such specified piece of literature. The truth is, not even everybody understands all the words that Shakespeare used in his writings, if not to tell about the ability to analyze his texts. Fortunately, our team of professional writers knows exactly how to accomplish this complicated task and we will help you with it. Below, you will find tips and guidelines that will be useful for your getting a well-written Romeo and Juliet essay introduction.

At first, make sure you realize what the introduction part of your essay is. This is sort of a map for your overall paper. It is meant to give your reader an essential background for your paper, while providing the thesis statement and the main idea you are going to prove. Generally speaking, your Romeo and Juliet essay introduction will give the reader an understanding of whether he is going to continue reading your paper. Be aware of the fact, that at first sight, you will find writing of Romeo and Juliet essay introduction quite challenging, although if to make some efforts and do a little piece of hard work, you will write a remarkable introduction.

  • Your first step is going to be a definition of the angle of your topic. As long as you are dealing with the introduction part, you probably already know your topic. Therefore, it is time to think of your main idea. What message do you want your paper to send the readers? What point are you going to prove? These aspects are what your introduction part will consist of.
  • Prepare a good thesis. Not only to know your main idea is essential, but also to present it appropriately. Your thesis statement needs to be narrow, on the one hand, because it takes only a few sentences. On the other hand, it needs to be rather broad, so you could give a complete presentation of your key point.
  • Make sure your thesis statement is clear and understandable. In order not to confuse your readers, make it simple and coherent. Do not make it in the form of a question. However, you need to make your readers interested in the further content of your paper, so try to find the right words.

Once you have come up with your thesis statement and the main idea, the major part of hard work is done. Now you need to think about the writing hook to use in order to provoke interest of your readers. A hook is something that you use in the introductory section of your essay, which is meant to grab the attention of your reader. If the hook works, the reader will want to continue further reading of your paper. If it doesn't, you will lose your reader's attention and he will just stop reading your paper. That is why you need to take it seriously. Usually attention grabbers appear in the opening sentences of the paper. It may be a shocking sentence, the scene hook, the literary quotation hook, the humorous hook (like a good anecdote or a cute joke), or a rhetorical question hook. Taking into consideration that you need to write Romeo and Juliet essay introduction , the most appropriate kind of hook to use in this case will be the literary quotation hook. You may use a quotation directly from the text and include it in your opening sentence. Just think of your favorite phrase from the text, which made a significant impression on you, and write it down.

When writing Romeo and Juliet introduction essay , keep in mind that you are expected to use exclusively standard literary English language. Avoid repetitions and unnecessary phrases. You need to write in a grammatically correct manner, with the usage of literary methods, if appropriate. Introduction for Romeo and Juliet essay , as well as all the other writing assignments, cannot be written without making an outline beforehand. An outline will help you understand the general picture of your introduction and will serve as a plan for writing it.

Now that you have a main idea, thesis statement and the outline, you can proceed to writing the introduction of Romeo and Juliet essay. Remember beginning with a hook, which, as we have already said, is going to be a quotation directly from the text. Make sure that your essay has a reference list in the end, when you complete it, where you mention the quotations that you use.

While writing your essay, you may want to change your introduction part, and this is absolutely acceptable. Sometimes new ideas come in the process of writing, so be ready to change some parts of your paper. Your introduction to Romeo and Juliet essay is only the beginning part of your paper, so it can be as flexible, as needed.

Having said that, we suggest making your Romeo and Juliet essay introduction quite short and simple. The truth is, if you make it hard for your reader to comprehend, he will not be interested in it at all. In addition, try not to announce the objective of your paper directly and let the reader learn it on his own.

All in all, writing an introduction is not an easy task to deal. That is why we recommend considering our professional assistance, which is always available. Apart from this, take a look at the other services that we provide students with:


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