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The very essence of a remember the titans essay

Of course, you’ve already watched that famous movie «Remember the Titans». The film was directed in 1971 by Boaz Yakin. The movie draws attention to an important theme of overcoming racism. In order to bring the whole importance of the movie’s idea to our hearts, the director along with the film crew took advantage of advanced techniques, including dialogue and music and varying camera angles. All of this evokes a powerful emotional response from filmgoers. The movie definitely deserves a separate essay – a remember the titans essay .

In the beginning of the movie, the black and white team members hate each other. Both sides seem to have no reasons to make friends with each other. The white members don’t have a desire to «play with these black beasts», while in turn, the blacks aren’t eager to be a part of this team, where «the whites can’t be honest». You already feel this huge suspension, don’t you? Express it in your remember the titans essay .

Anyone, who has watched this movie, can’t forget one very memorable scene, where Petey and Alan have no choice, but to learn about each other right at the football camp. Well, they’re sitting on the opposite sides of the shot and face each other like enemies. Then, we see a path dividing them. It runs between them up towards a large old-school door of

Gettysburg College. The given path embodies the tradition of racism in the United States, the history of hate between whites and blacks all the way back to those fierce and gloomy times of slave-ownership and it still divides Petey and Alan in 1971. You definitely require showing the whole power of this dramatic effect in your remember the titans essay .

The camera shot is successfully combined with dialogue, which is defensive, impersonal and suspicious. We see this dialogue has nothing common with a chat between teammates. It mostly resembles an interview. This perfectly illustrates how little these guys know about each other. The camera shot along with dialogue makes scene extremely poignant. As a result, we realize the whole depth of the gap between the two opposite races. Nevertheless, they have to set all these defences aside in order to build up a successful and united football team. Perhaps even a blind man would notice the full weight of the defensiveness and suspicion sitting between the white and black players. That’s a real tragedy. Depict it in your essay on remember the titans .

One of the turning points of the movie comes when Alan and Petey are at camp. Their coach Boone takes the football team to the cemetery. We see the unique verbal technique, used by the coach when all the players stand in from of him. The coach says that they are going to lose if they fail to come together. The cameraman makes use of a high angle to portray Boone and we feel his importance for the overall success of his football team. Then we enjoy a fantastic combination of Boone’s speech and the Titans Them music. The given piece of symphony is heard in various triumphant moments throughout the film. This great combination of the expressive music theme, dialogue and professional high-angle shot ups to the coach makes us feel powerful emotions. We clearly perceive the whole gravity of Boone’s firm decision and from this moment, we don’t doubt that the players will come together as one solid entity. They can unite and succeed as a sports team or resume their racial war and become losers. Finally, we see them as one sturdy team and we start celebrating along with them. Don’t miss the moment of reunion in your remember the titans summary essay .

We can hardly imagine this movie without its outstanding music atmosphere. Indeed, it’s one of the most crucial film techniques of this movie. You’ve probably heard this popular song of the 1960s «Na, na, na, na/ na, na, na, na/ Hey Hey Hey/ Goodbye». The song also «acts» in the movie. We firstly hear it, when the football players are coming home from their camp being a galvanized unit of players already free of racial barriers. Next time we hear this song is the moment of their first victory. At this moment, the song is accompanied by the excitement of a cheering crowd. The last time the track finds us at Gary’s funeral and it’s performed as a dirge by all of his team-mates. Thus, they farewell their pal. The song generates emotions of excitement and exhilaration in the first two cases and a depth of sadness in the last scene, when it’s sung quietly and slowly. As spectators, we’re left grieving with them. That’s worth to be illustrated in your remember the titans leadership essay .

The movie makes use of variety of cutting-edge techniques, including camera angles, impressive soundtrack and catchy dialogue. All of this makes us respond emotionally to the movie. We realize how destructive racism can be and at the same time we see that race doesn’t matter. That’s the number one message of the movie.

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