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Problem and solution essay writing tips

Many people say that when you must have done a thorough planning and researching for your problem and solution essay , the actual writing is not as difficult as it seems. This is one thing that runs through all other essays. However, planning and researching when you do not know the methods of achieving a wonderful essay will still not work. This is why you need to us for your problem and solution essay writing tutorial before you start writing. This is our work and we do it so well. Are you among those who were packed up in a class of 50 people and because of this, you do not understand everything that is taught in class, including how to write this type of essay. Are you among those students who are combining a lot of things at the same time and therefore, will not have the time to sit down and write this essay? If you belong to any of the aforementioned category then you will need to come to us and enjoy our writing services. Whether your problems and solutions essay falls within the simple college narrative essays or within the long and advanced final year turabian paper , we will take care of those. We offer all types of services. We can teach you how to write this essay through our online one on one lecture by professionals. We can do the research and write the essay for you from the first word. We can offer you the best topics for the essay. If you need samples, templates, proposals and other things that will help you in problem and solution essay writing, we can also offer this. Even when you are through with your essay, we can offer the finishing touches by proofreading and editing your essay to perfection.

The writing of this type of essay starts with serious research. You have to research on the problem and its dynamics and then the solution or solutions. When you do this research, make sure you exhaust all necessary and available sources. Get to the internet; make use of the physical and e-library, use journals and books that treated the subject you are writing on. After the research, you should go ahead to create an outline. No wonderful essay is written without an outline. You cannot write something interesting from nothing. The outline gives you a sketch of what to do and where to place each idea and point. In fact, it serves as a guide and direction for your problem and solution essays . If you do not know how to create the outline for this essay, you can get one from our website. We offer everything, including a workable and feasible business plan . You should organize your essay outline with the realization that the main goal for the essay is to capture the interest of your reader and to convince your reader that the problem being discussed in your essay is very important one and that there are serious reasons why it should be solved immediately. The essay is also meant to explain the solution you are proffering in very clear and vivid terms. When we write this essay for you, you will enjoy crystal clear solutions. Your problem and solution essay ideas should also perform the function of convincing your reader that the solution you are proffering is a very cost effective one that is very feasible on all standards. When the reader is through with your essay, they must have started believing that the solution you offered is actually better than all other solutions that have been offered for the problem in the past. There must be something new, and it must be a superior thing to the solutions that are currently in the public domain.

Problem and solution essay perfect outline

The problem and solution essay offered in our website comes with a perfect outline. This is the standard outline that every essay of this type must be written with. We offer everything at the highest standard. This includes our case study format . Your essay should start with the introduction; continue with the body paragraphs and end with the conclusion. It should be about five paragraphs, with the introduction and conclusion getting one paragraph each, while the body gets about 3 or so, depending on instructions from your lecturer or examiner and the number of points you are presenting in the essay. The introduction should talk about the problem. This is the opening paragraph and it should define the problem and give the reasons why the problem is very significant. You have to explain why it matters and why it is actually a problem. This is the first sentence of the first paragraph and you can start this with a hook like an anecdote, quote, question, statement of fact or a joke. This is followed by the thesis statement which is seen by many as the soul of any essay. This statement should for instance, give a glimpse into the argument you want to support your environmental problems and solutions essay with.

After the introduction of the problem and solution essay comes the body of the work. This should start by stating the possible solutions as presented by others and offering a critique of these to show why they won’t work or why they are not the best. After this, you should go ahead and proffer your own preferred solution. When you present this solution, you have to offer supporting evidence to show why the solution is workable and feasible and why it is the best. This evidence must be accompanied with examples to validate them. You should also go ahead to give detailed information on how you will implement the solution you are proffering. The conclusion of the problem and solution essay should come in the form of a call to action, though you have to make it very stylish so that it will register in the minds of the readers. Just conclude by recapping the problem, the proposed solution, and an admonition. Our services stretches to formatting an essay for you too.

  • You should effect the transition from one point to the other in the problem and solution essay with expressions like, therefore, nonetheless, consequently, in addition, in conclusion, and many others.
  • Insure that the solution you are proffering is completely different from the ones already given.
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