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The most shocking writing ever: a pro death penalty essay

Of course, you’ve heard of capital punishment thousands of times. In other words, that’s a death penalty. Human beings have been employing this severe punishment since the dawn of mankind. By the way, even the Bible advocates capital punishment for tough offences, including murder, witchcraft and kidnapping. Sure, that’s not one of the most pleasant topics to write about, but, nevertheless, we ought to discuss this stuff in this death penalty pro essay .

When the word «capital punishment» is pronounced it generates strong emotions from both sides – supporters and opponents of this punishment. In fact, both sides provide quite reasonable arguments. Some criminals kill tens of people and rape little kids and no one would be sorry for their execution. On other hand, there’s a real probability of sentencing an innocent person to death. That’s what many pro death penalty essays write about. We hope your essay pro death penalty will end this longstanding debate.

In the USA up to thirteen states don’t have the death penalty. These are District of Columbia, Alaska, Iowa, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Main, Minnesota, Michigan, Rhode Island, North Dakota, West Virginia, Vermont and Wisconsin.

Arguments against capital punishment

In this death penalty essay pro we’ll consider obvious cons of this severe punishment. First, it’s an evident inability to rehabilitate an innocent person. Indeed, making this trick with a newly executed man is a bad idea, to put it mildly. That can’t be said about putting to prison.

Unfortunately, capital punishment often fails to be an effective deterrent. Some criminologists have already proved that an execution doesn’t avert new murders to our great regret. On the contrary, once the death penalty is publicized, lots of new murders take place weeks or even days after. Kidnapping keeps growing in those states, which adopted capital punishment for this. Unfortunately, publicity often encourages new crimes instead of preventing them.

We’ve already given above another strong argument against capital punishment. That’s a probability of conviction of innocent people. To make things worse, it’s not only probably, it’s quite real. Every year a great number of innocent people are sentenced to death and when they’re justified, it’s too late. It’s so sad that miscarriages of justice often appear to be irrevocable. Two states Rhode Island and Maine officially abolished capital punishment after they discovered they had executed several innocent persons. By the way, those states, which have already abolished capital punishment have less murders than those who still practice the death penalty.

Unfortunately, the fear of capital punishment can’t reduce crime. In spite of the fact, in previous centuries most executions were public and extremely brutal, that didn’t prevent criminals from doing what they were eager to do. That also applies to our present days.

Some pros of capital punishment

Well, we’ve just finished considering arguments against capital punishment, but many people throughout the world still support it and they also offer reason for this. Let’s take a look at them here below.

Supporters of the death penalty tell that the fear of death can drastically decrease the rate of homicide. In fact, no one has proved it yet. Nevertheless, millions of people really believe that it can reduce the rate of crime. That’s just a matter of belief, and it’s a very strong and longstanding one. However, there’s one powerful argument we can’t ignore. Murderers as well as other brutal criminals often escape punishment and keep doing what they did before, killing and torturing people. Perhaps, in this case capital punishment is the only way to protect ordinary people from crazy and bloodthirsty maniacs. In this regard, capital punishment seems to good at decreasing the crime rate.

As you know, criminals on death row have a chance to prepare for their death. They can make a will, not to mention their last statements. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about their victims. They might have been deprived of an opportunity to prepare for their death. They might have been stabbed suddenly and brutally. Meanwhile, when a murderer is charged he has the right to be protected by a professional attorney as even the cruelest assassin has his own constitutional rights. As you see, it has nothing common with justice, as very often victims’ constitutional rights aren’t protected, especially if they’re dead. At the same time, a quick-witted criminal can organize effective propaganda campaigns to build sympathy for his personality. There’s no wonder many people can’t stand this and support capital punishment.

Millions of people of people are being murdered in the USA and will be killed anyway. One of the most probably reasons is poor performance of our justice system. Criminals know that in some states they will never be executed and keep killing. That sounds cruel, but to some extent, capital punishment could stop many of them as the fear of death is an extremely strong feeling.

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