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Dealing with analysis for your Pride and Prejudice essay

An outstanding English novel written by a genius of literature, who is widely known as Jane Austen, is an essential part of literature classes for all students. Writing a paper on this piece of literature is not an easy task, especially taking into consideration the style of classic English literature. It requires deep analysis of the plot of the novel, clear understanding of its main ideas and the moral. Fortunately, we created a great service that provides students with all necessary assistance, when they face difficulties with their writing assignments. Below, you can take a look at tips and guidelines that you may find interesting and useful for making up your paper.

In order to write a good paper on a classic novel, it is important that you read it attentively and comprehend it. Therefore, you need to analyze it appropriately, first of all. More that that, reading a classic novel in the right manner is also a special skill that you can learn. Try to follow the provided below steps for reading and understanding the novel and writing a good essay Pride and Prejudice .

  • Avoid getting acquainted with all the reviews in regard to the novel before you read it. In order to form you personal attitude to the novel and your own opinion about it, you need to be free from all preconceptions. It especially concerns classic literature, such as Pride and Prejudice.
  • When reading the novel, have a pencil and a notebook for making notes. Every time you meet a good citation, meaningful dialogue, or just a phrase that you like, jot it down in your notebook.
  • Do a little research on the historical period and the place of the piece of writing. In this case, you need to read about the beginning of the ninetieth century in the United Kingdom.
  • Involve yourself in the reading as much as possible. Turn off every distracting factor and try to completely concentrate on the novel. Find a comfortable place and don't pay attention to anything, except reading.
  • As soon as you read the novel, discuss it with people who also read it. Discussions always makes new ideas appear and are good for analyzing. Moreover, if you cannot understand something, asking for somebody's opinion would be very useful.
  • Once you have read the novel, you can read reviews of it as many as you want. Also, you can watch the movie adaptation of the novel or go to the theatre for watching a play. In fact, there are many screen adaptations of Pride and Prejudice, the best of which is considered to be the version shot in 1995.
  • It would be good to listen to the audiobook afterwards. Even if you have already read the novel, just listening to it while you are traveling by car or by bus would be helpful for new ideas coming up.

Comprehending the novel

When you have taken the provided above steps, you can proceed to analyzing the novel. This would be necessary for your comprehension of the novel. In order to do this, answer the following Pride and Prejudice essay questions .

  • As it is known, the novel was originally titled as First Impressions. To your mind, what role do these impressions play in the plot of the novel?
  • Analyze the main characters of the novel. Which of them are positive and which are negative? Write down a list or a table and divide the characters into two columns according to their image.
  • What role does the dialogue play in the novel? Does Jane Austen pay much attention to the scenes with dialogues in the plot of the novel? Why is it necessary and what does it demonstrate to the reader?

These are the basic questions for getting started. If you know good answers for all of them, be sure you will make a good analyze. Eventually, it is time to think of the topic for your essay. Consider the following:

  • The importance and the role played by a social class in the novel.
  • What is the attitude of the author to snobs in the novel? How does she describe them?
  • Which characters does Austen satirizes in the novel and what is the role of satire in the plot?
  • Describe the atmosphere of the novel and how it reflects on the ninetieth century in England?
  • Write a comparative essay describing the contrast between two different lines of the plot.
  • Write an essay analyzing the role of irony in the novel.
  • Write a paper about the way, in which Austen describes the pursue of virtue in her piece of writing.
  • Analyze the types of marriages described in the novel.
  • Give you opinion concerning the metamorphosis of characters in the novel.
  • Write an informative essay about the image of happiness provided by Jane Austen.
  • Analyze the importance of compromise in a marriage in the light of the plot.
  • Think thoroughly about the manners and how they influence the relationships between people.
  • Write a paper about your favorite character in the novel. Provide explanations and citations directly from the text, if appropriate.
  • Define your personal opinion concerning the title of the novel and prove whether it matches or not the atmosphere and the mood of the novel.
  • Write an overall review of the novel. Try to use objective criticism in regard to its advantages and disadvantages. Provide arguments and quotations.
  • Define the importance of letters in the plot. Do you think contemporary society could be better if people still use letters to communicate?

As you can see, there are many interesting topics to cover in your essay. Additionally, you may use Pride and Prejudice essay prompts . Please consider the services we provide, apart from help with Pride and Prejudice essays :

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