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What expectations of writing philosophy of education essay usually are

Writing assignments about philosophy of education are an essential part of education in almost all colleges and universities. It is important because every student needs to know precisely what the philosophy of education means to him or her personally. However, teachers and professors are also sometimes required to complete this kind of writing task in order to demonstrate their willingness to teach students and their awareness of how to do it. This awareness helps concentrate on the reason of making that or another decision and plan the lessons, including all the necessary components of it. As a matter of fact, we can hardly say that there is such phenomenon as the philosophy, because what you are going to write about in your essay on philosophy of education is your own personal beliefs, experiences, attitudes and views in the area of education.

If you are asked to complete this kind of assignment, please be informed that you are expected the up-to-date, current system of your own beliefs together with your application of student teaching. Sometimes, the employers require submitting of philosophy of education essays along with a number of other documents and materials. However, keep in mind that your philosophy is nothing else but your personal system of beliefs, which you think you are able to implement during the classes. It is not a narrative essay and there should not be any theory. Instead, provide the action plan that you made by yourself and write what the methodology of your teaching is, what its advantages and stages are. When the administrator reads personal philosophy of education essays, the first thing he usually pays attention to, is whether the philosophy of the author meets his requirements as a parent and whether he would like his children to be taught by such a teacher. In other words, you need to convince the administrator that you are going to become the best teacher for his children and that the only and most significant purpose of your future hard work is to give his children a brilliant education with all its benefits and advantages.

Keep in mind that your professional attitudes are going to change as you get more and more experience in the sphere of education. Therefore, we suggest saving some copies of your previous essays on the education philosophy so you could have an opportunity to make a comparison of your attitudes and analyze how they change and why. In any case, remember that a good essay of a future teacher should include the following components and cover the following aspects:

  • Write about the purpose of education as a whole and your personal purpose in this regard. Don't be afraid to be dramatic, and if you want to change the world and make it a better place to live by means of your teaching role in it, than write it dawn.
  • Write about the role of a student in the process of education. How big is the responsibility of a student in comparison to the responsibility of the teacher? What are actually the responsibilities of a student?
  • Write about the role of a teacher (or a professor) in the process of education. Is a teacher only a means of transporting information? On the other hand, where is the line between the responsibilities of the teacher and things that he is not allowed to do?
  • Write about the role of the teacher in the society. Taking into consideration all the links between members of a society, try to identify and explain how important a teacher is in the society of a contemporary world.

You probably want to think my philosophy of education essay is going to be unique and original. Maybe you think it is better and more effective to make up your own strategy and technology of writing this kind of essay. But the truth is, you need to write there about certain moments anyway. First of all, you are expected to explain to the administrator why exactly you are going to teach students. What inspires you to do it and what the source of your inspiration is. In this part, you also need to convince the reader that you are the best possible candidate who can handle this position and make success of it. Additionally, explain your view of the students that you are going to teach. Think of types of personalities and the difficulties that teachers sometimes face during their teaching experience. And then, you need to explain how you are going to meet and accept all the challenges that this kind of occupation will definitely throw into you.

Pay attention, that you need to provide a clarification of methods and techniques with the help of which you will teach your students. Tell the administrator, what specific skills you have and how you are going to cope with all your professional assignments. Remember mentioning your time management skills, your communicative skills, including the ability to communicate with teenagers, your instructional strategies that will be helpful during your work, etc. Don't forget to tell about the ways in which you think to keep the balance between the needs of the whole class and possible needs of separate learners.

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