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Basic Instructions to Write a Persuasive Essay on Legalizing Weed

When it comes to academic writing, persuasive essays are quite popular nowadays, and this means that many students need to research specific topics. The basic purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to check if they can make enough arguments and use enough supporting facts to convince readers in their point of view using their own words. Basically, arguments are very important for this academic paper because they logically draw a solid conclusion. If you are assigned with a persuasive essay on legalizing weed , you should know that people have mixed opinions about this subject, but it’s still an exciting and interesting topic to provide your opinion while remaining logical and using your writing talents. If this task seems a bit confusing to you, you can get professional help offered by such companies as ours. Our experienced academic writers provide a variety of quality and affordable solutions, including their dissertation editing services , so don’t hesitate to them if you have problems.

  • Your basic goal is to define if the medical use of marijuana should be legalized. Craft a logical, solid, and interesting academic paper to answer this question.
  • Use available sources of information to do your research and find powerful facts to support your thesis statement in a p ersuasive essay on legalizing marijuana. Make sure you provide readers with at least a few arguments either against or for.
  • You need to write a 5-paragraph paper that contains 3 important sections, unless your professor has other requirements, and they must include your thesis statement or introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion. Don’t forget that the final copy of your essay on legalizing weed shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages.
  • Support all arguments you make with relevant and reliable quotes and examples from such sources as books and real life.
  • Start with writing a brief and clear thesis statement that answers this question from your point of view.
  • Check whether all points discussed in any section of your persuasive essay on legalizing weed are supported with the necessary evidence, such as solid facts.
  • Each paragraph must be started with an interesting and original topic sentence that develops one of your chosen arguments stated in the introduction.
  • Use only consistent third-person opinions.

Tips on Writing the Introduction

  • Make sure it’s no longer than 1 paragraph and includes only a few sentences. This is where you need to answer the question about this type of legalization and make your thesis statement.
  • Provide readers with obvious and clear reasons that support the chosen topic sentence of your persuasive essay on legalizing weed. You should avoid discussing more than 1 reason in 1 introduction sentence.
  • Use only brief and simple transitions to link all reasons to write a logical essay on legalization of weed.

How to Craft Main Body Paragraphs

  • You also need to start each one with an original and solid topic sentence.
  • The right order of discussing arguments for or against is established in your thesis statement, and the same one must be followed in the main body.
  • Support all topic sentences in your persuasive essay on legalizing weed with quotes and other effective proofs, such as clear examples.
  • All paragraphs must be focused, brief, and to the point. You should use logical transitions to start each of them.
  • Add the main body to a thesis to turn this academic paper into a single document.

Writing the Best Conclusion Possible

  • It’s all about writing a final paragraph of your persuasive essay on legalizing weed that should be concise and short. Start with using a transition, but be sure to avoid awkward, trite, and intrusive expressions.
  • This section must support your thesis statement, and including any new ideas is a poor decision. It’s advisable to use the summary approach and follow the right order of discussion established in the introduction.
  • Add your dissertation conclusion to the main body and introduction to create a logical and solid academic paper.

Citing, Proofreading, and Editing Your Text

  • Attribute all paraphrases and quotes to avoid plagiarism, but you need to use the right formatting style, so talk to your professor to define the necessary one because there are different citing formats to choose from when writing your persuasive essay on legalizing weed.
  • Reread every section, take into account all possible suggestions, fix grammar and other mistakes, and edit your paper before submitting it. Some students fail to do that when working on their essays on legalizing weed , and that’s why they get lower grades. Remember that every failure to fix a mistake in the text will cost you a lot.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

This type of argumentative essay should provide a better insight of different sides. Make sure you don’t go back and forth between them when writing it and your evidence, such as a powerpoint presentation , must show the side you choose. This assignment can be challenging, so you need to know the widespread mistakes that should be avoided.

  • Failing to make a solid thesis statement.
  • Failing to pick an original topic.
  • Giving opinions on the subject matter.
  • Lacking enough focus on the chosen topic.
  • Forgetting to cite sources correctly.

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