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Personal experience essay rudiments

You will encounter a lot of personal experience essays in your life. When teachers want to assess your development in the college, they try to check on certain skills like critical thinking, proper reasoning, analytical writing, mastery of English language and other literary skills. Now, when you write this type of essay, you must realize that getting it right depends on two main things. You have to focus on the key points, as well as the other smaller and more subtle details that make the essay interesting to read. So, you must concentrate on the style as well as the content because both of them are very important in the essay. Now, you have to know from the onset that every personal experience essays make a personal narrative, and because of that it must come in the first person. This is to ensure that the personalization is properly done to maximize the impact on the readers. There are some details you should have in mind when you write this type of personal analytical essay. You should write with the intention of developing a very emotional impact on the reader of the essay. For you to do this, you should consistently make serious references to those sensory perceptions that are personal to you, coupled with your emotions so as to explain to them how you felt about the experience you are narrating to them. Just try and bring in the readers into your shoes so as to imagine being the people experiencing the situation you are narrating. When we write personal narrative creative essays for students, we do everything possible to ensure that the details are very vivid. Yes, they must be crystal clear in all ramifications and the imagery must be a very lively one that puts the reader in the situation.

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Personal experience essay structure

The structure of your personal experience essays is an important part of the essay. You have to start with an introduction of one paragraph, and this should be followed by the body of the work which may take about 3 paragraphs and then the conclusion which should also take one paragraph. The introduction of the essay about personal experience is supposed to be the part that explains the subject matter of the essay to the reader. This should lay bare the essence of the work by describing your own personal point of view so that the reader will be disposed to what he or she will encounter in the essay. This should also contain the thesis statement which gives the argument, idea, or topic that you should center the entire essay on. When you eventually get into the body paragraphs, you should strive to tell the story as it happened, so that the reader will have a clear understanding of the details that make up your thesis statement. Now, you have to realize that this is an essay on personal experience. Because of this, you should also allow the reader to understand how you feel about the event you are describing. There are two main ways that you can tell the story. You can make it a chronological one or you can choose to tell the story according to its level of importance in relation to what you are trying to explain. If you need a finishing touch to your essay, just hire us and our dissertation editing services will swing into action. At the end of it all, you will notice the Midas touch on your work.

When I write my personal experience essays, I try to record myself while I tell the story. With this, I organize my thoughts in a better manner, and this eventually gives the story a better flow. I write with lots of anecdotes and dialogue since I want to bring the story alive to avoid making it seem like news that I am recounting. My connection is made perfect with the popular transitory words like, however, therefore, meanwhile, and etc.

  • When you write this type of personal experience essay, you should write with different sentence structures to give it some beauty and to make it more interesting.
  • Also try to make the words of the essay very descriptive, emotional, concise, precise and active.
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