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The very essence of othello jealousy essay

We guess that you won’t deny that there’s nothing more evident in Shakespeare’s Othello, than jealousy. It feels like the tragedy «Othello» was born to portray jealousy and show what this powerful feeling did with the play’s two main characters: Othello and Lago. The feeling fully corrupts their lives and even destroys the lives of their closer pals. So, as you see we can’t pass jealousy by, it really deserves attention. That’s why you’re writing an othello jealousy essay.

Othello actually represents how jealousy, especially its sexual variety, is one of the most destructive and corruptive of human emotions. That’s jealousy, which makes Lago work on Othello’s downfall. With the help of jealousy Lago successfully kindles Othello’s passions. Additionally, Bianca and Roderigo demonstrate jealousy at various times in the tragedy. Emilia also demonstrates her versatile emotional side. Only Cassio and Desdemona, the true innocents of the play, really seem beyond its clutches. Of course, Shakespeare also stuffed other plays with jealousy, but exactly in this tragedy it’s depicted as a «green-eyed monster». We watch this destructive impact on the play’s characters with great horror and sympathy, while realizing that we’re also vulnerable to this. It makes sense to drop a few lines about this in your othello jealousy essay , doesn’t it?

Do you know that Othello has much common with Aristotle’s conception of tragedy, especially in the regard of the portrayal of the protagonist Othello. Being a classical tragic, Othello in this tragedy falls from his classical position because of this tragic flaw – jealousy. That feeling brings Othello suffering, misfortune and finally death. In spite of the fact, Othello’s jealousy is powered by the external force, this feeling seems to have a deep root in his character. You won’t cease describing this in your othello jealousy essay , will you?

Jealousy is the number one factor destroying Othello. As for Lago, this character is the initiator of a series of events, sparkling jealousy in Othello. As a result, that causes the downfall of not only the major character, but ruins other characters’ lives. Tell about this in your othello jealousy essay.

In the play, we see a tragic scene of a man, who being driven by outrageous jealousy destroys what he actually loves. To better understand the whole tragic effect of jealousy, it makes sense to consider the relationship between Desdemona and Othello. The marriage can be defined as a «marriage of true minds». It’s true love built around a true appreciation of each worth and mutual awareness. That promising relationship managed to transcend the physical barriers of nationality, color and age. Unfortunately, once jealousy entered Othello’s soul, the sacred relationship was doomed. We hope you’ll disclose the whole theme in your othello jealousy essay.

That was Lago, who had planted the cunning seeds of suspicion in Othello’s mind. Lago awoke Othello’s old fears telling him he was too ugly and terrible to be loved and that was quite natural for Desdemona to look for a love affair. Explore the whole versatile nature of jealousy in your othello jealousy essay. Undoubtedly, jealousy in othello essay is one of the best ways to show your literature skills to the admissions committee. Additionally, don’t forget about racism in othello essay. That’s another promising topic, that can bring you good marks. Aren’t tired of your othello jealousy essay yet?

We see how destructive jealousy can be. It makes Othello want to kill her spouse. The awful feeling makes him blind and fury and we all know the play’s tragic end. You don’t want follow Othello’s example in your private life, do you? Sure, that’s a natural reaction, but, unfortunately, anyone can lose control of himself and this Shakespeare’s tragedy shows how it can be. Indeed, show the true anatomy of jealousy in your othello jealousy essay.

Every year millions of students throughout the world write othello essays on jealousy , but anyway people keep becoming victims of jealousy. God only knows, maybe your othello jealousy essay or othello racism essay will help you to be more rational in your relationships.

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